A great way to unleash frustrations

Sport is a great way to unleash tension built up when sitting behind a computer screen in cyberspace all day. I have a tendency to build up extreme amounts of nervous energy and I need an outlet! I was a hyper active child who probably drove my parents crazy.

I started Mountain Biking when I went into High School after I had just turned 14 in 1994, which is almost exactly 13 years ago. I raced the South Africa Provincial and National MTB Circuit from 1994 – 1999 and my best achievement was Winning Provincial Championships in my Matric (Final year of school) year. I left school and had one more year (1999) of serious Circuit racing, before I gave the heavy racing a break.

I moved from Paarl (Hometown from 1986-1999) at the end of 1999 to Cape Town to start my studying. I did not stop Mountain Biking, but I did stop racing. It took too many hours every day to stay in race-ready fitness, so I decided that I would continue to train when I could. I have done exactly that for the last 6 years.

In 2004 I bought myself my dream toy! A full-suspension Giant NRS1 Cross-Country Beast! I had been dreaming about getting a beast like that for years, but full-suspension MTB cross-country bikes were not really that great when I was racing. I raced on a Wheeler 7900ZX hard tail Beast for my last 2 years of racing! Getting the NRS1 motivated me to train hard again, but due to the fact that I owned my own business it was rather difficult to train as much as I would like. I had always maintained a descent fitness and therefore it was not diffcicult to get into a moderate race-fitness. I got some reasonable placings in the Mens Open Category in Provincials and even won a National race in the late part of the season.

2005 saw a change of mindset, I had to focus largely on LightSpeedDevelopment as I had taken on my first 2 technicians, then later another technician and also a part-time admin staff member. I had been in discussion with a potential partner in a new Design Business, but it ended up that he screwed me over and stole all of the gear I had got a loan for. The meant that my next MTB season of racing fell by the wayside! I had to work my butt off to make sure my business did not go down the tubes! Very sad indeed as I did not allow myself the time to Unleash My Frustrations!!!!! Aaaargh, grrrrrrr!!!!!

I forgot to mention that I had started rock climbing at the beginning of 2004, which was an exciting new sport to me. This I will tell you more about in a later posting, but once again this was also a great way to Unleash My Frustrations! The reason why I mentioned rock climing is because I joined a local climbing gym/wall City Rock and met Craig Bruton one of the owners from Refresh Creative Media. Craig was (still is) into all sorts of sports – e.g. MTB, Surfing, Wind Surfing, Rock Climing, Trail Running, etc. We chatted about sport interests in life and decided to start riding together.

At the end of 2005 I started Unleash My Frustrations again. I trained hard for most of 2006 untill I got an injury after which I took about 4 months off training. Then I decided to start again at the beginning of 2007. I am one month into training and I can assure you it is the best way to Unleash Your Frustrations!!!

This works for me, but not for everybody! Cheers all!

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