The Argus MTB race is over – What a Race!

Greetings all. I rode a 55 km race today called the Cape Argus Mountain Bike Challenge 2007. This race is always help as a prelude to the Cape Argus Cycle tour.

My MTB race was quite tough as I have been sick with flu for 2 weeks. I just got rid of the last of the flu near the end of this week that passed. I have also not had too much time to train on my MTBike, but instead been trail running a few times a week. This most definately had an impact on me during the race.

I was about halfway through the event and I could start to feel my legs burning somewhat. I knew that this was a sign that my endurance was low as a cause of not spending enough time in the saddle. I knew that I had to drop my pace slightly otherwise I would end up cracking for sure.

Then the hill came, this is a mean bastard of a hill that does not let up. The climbing goes on for about 5km easily. It definately took it out of me at this late stage of riding.

The final stretch was not much easier than the hill due to the fact that I was starting to cramp! I did not get any spasms, but my legs were in pain. Ouch! Ouch! Then finally I saw the finish banner and it was all over. Very satisfying!

Crossing the finish line

As I crossed the finish line Barbara took a photo of me….

Its over - What a Race!

This is me making my statement of how hardcore the race was….

Nice warm bath after MTB Race

And finally this is me soaking the aching muscles in a bath!

Rodger Hoffman hobbles away to the couch for some Telly

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