Rank vs Position

There are many different SEO tools out on the web today, and quite a lot of the are labeled incorrectly. I have come across several tools claiming to check you website ranking when in actual fact they are doing a position check. Thats why i have decided to define what is what in the rank vs position dilemma.

According to Wikipedia the definition of a rank is “As a noun it is usually related to a relative position or to some kind of ordering
Your Position would be where you are on the search engines index according to a set of keywords. If you are number 1 for the keywords “blog” then according to Wikipedia your rank will be “1”.

But Google has assigned the term “rank” to another value. Google uses the term PageRank to refer to number out of ten that the have assigned your site according to the value of the links on your site. This is also known as a rating.

This is where the confusion comes in when you are talking about the page position its actually the rank and when the word PageRank is used your actually talking about the sites rating.

One of the easiest ways to tell what if the tool your using actually calculates what you want is to look and see if you need a keyword, if you do its a position and if you don’t its the rank(rating).

For the best ranking(rating) system go to Google and Alexa. Or you can download the SearchStatus bar which will tell you the rank(rating) of evey site you go to, well thats if they have one.

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