Getting a Wiki Adopted is Tough

Hello all. I have been geeking out on wiki technology for a long time, but the past 8 weeks my colleague/intern Bram and I have been building business wikis. We have out first no-business open wiki launching live next week. Currently it is still closed off to the public, take a look here. We look forward to wrapping up this wiki and launching live on Monday.

George Rushby from CVRT won our wiki and choose for us to build his and his brother’s Paint Ball business a wiki for the paint ball community. Getting George to adopt the wiki was not hard, but thats because he really want his wiki. George is what is called the Wiki Champion or Wiki Pioneer. You always need at least one of these types of people to make a wiki successful. People who love wiki find it hard to believe that people wouldn’t immediately accept a wiki and start using it. It’s not always that easy. To get a wiki adopted in any organization can be tough because:

  • Anything new takes a while.
  • Wiki is different than anything they have used before.
  • It is not email.
  • It is not part of the current workflow.
  • It takes active participation to create content and keep the wiki organized.
  • Most wikis have some features that make adoption more difficult.
  • Usually wikis start with no content so there’s no reason to use them.

I plan on writing a new article on wikis every week describing what I have learnt about wikis, community collaboration, corporate wikis, etc etc. I want to share my knowledge with others and hopefully spread the word about wikis. The next article I am going to write on wikis will be about what it means to be a Wiki Champion.

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