Earthdance 2008 line up look schweet

I was approached by Regan a couple of weeks back to build the Earthdance Cape Town website …. I jumped at the chance to be involved in one of my favourite parties of the year and its for charity. Its been super to be involved with such amazing people who are so committed to such an amazing cause! The music acts and line up are always confirmed just before the event, this year was no exception. Go to the Earthdance CT website and check out the line ups for the various stages if you are interested. Can’t wait for the party!


New glasses for my rodgered eyes

Yesterday fetch my new glasses from Century Eyes Optometrist situated in Camps Bay. I always enjoy personal service and I can guarantee that these guys provide exactly that. I left feeling like a happy customer looking at the world with new eyes. I have been wearing glasses for 3 years so I am still technically new to the idea. When I went in to have my eyes tested one of the optometrists Cobus Prinsloo explained everything he was doing so that I understood what the problem is with my eyes and how the glasses rectify the vision. Very interesting and definitely helped me understand my vision better.

Amazing Namibian Hardwood for all your firey needs

I picked up a flyer in my post box about a year or more ago. I purchased a load of the wood in the beginning of May 2008 that lasted through through to August 2008. My wife and I just took delivery of another load because the cold still seems to be lurking. The wood makes brilliant coals and burns for ages! See what the owner Philip Kleinhans says about the company:

Namibian hardwood was started in 2005 by Phillip Kleinhans, we focus on braai wood, firewood, pizza oven wood as well as mopane root sales. We currently serve the Western Cape area, northern and southern suburbs, and have recently begun exporting abroad.

Our wood is of the highest quality and is sourced straight out of Namibia. We are a small company with a big heart and a will to please.

I spoke to Philip about building a website for them, but one of his friends beat me to it, see what I have in stock available on the website – We have passed on the details of this company to many of our friends and all of them are super happy with service and price!

Contact details:

  • Phillip Kleinhans
  • Tel: +27 (0)82 420 9054
  • Fax: +27 (0)86 976 0049
  • Email:

I am almost tempted to go light a fire right now, damn its bloody cold at the moment!