Day 5: Ride to Sukhothai Old City Ruins 50km

This day was considered as a rest day, we were only riding a short 50km circuit from Sukhothai new city to the old city with the ruins. I was feeling extremely hungover from my whiskey escapade with the Aussies, not my best idea, but it was fun and I am on holiday I kept telling myself.

The first highlight if the day was stopping at a local teak wood factory in a small village just outside Uttaradit. The area is known well for its teak wood work. The small village that we went to collaborate on making the teak furniture and souvenirs. We got to walk through their factory and see how they made the furniture. Afterwards we headed into their show room to purchase gifts and goodies. I both my mom and wife some teak jewelry boxes along with some little gifts for friends.

We continued riding to the first temple ruins just before the Sukhothai old city ruins, the temple was called Wat Chang Lom which means circular elephant temple. We munched on some food and had a few non-alcoholic drinks, I continued to feel somewhat sorry for myself 🙂

We headed off to the old city ruins. I was kinda getting excited, this was one of the major highlights of the tour and the ruins were a UNESCO world heritage site. We rode past a temple with a massive moat around it, then shortly afterwards we rode through the entrance to the old site where the walls of the old city started. Shortly after passing into the city we found a little factory for making ornamental ships, which we had seen all over at markets.

We arrived at the main part of the Sukhothai ruins. There was a market next to the ruins and restaurant, but we would go to that afterwards. Everyone headed into the heritage site. The ruins are best seen on a bicycle, there were roads around the ruins, so we cycled around stopping off at each temple to take photos. Woody was great, he kept explaining everything to us in great detail.

After about more than an hour of missioning around the ruins we headed out to get some food at the restaurant. The food was pretty bad, not often I say that about Thailand, but it was actually horrid. I finished my dishes and went off to the market. The market had a bunch of items on my checklist of goodies to buy. I bought a painting, wood carvings, wooden tea spoons and a bag for barbs.

Next we rode back to the hotel which was about 20km away. The general pace was really slow, which was fine as I still felt hungover. Before going back to the hotel Svenning took me to show me the Chinese temple he found. The architecture was very different, quite interesting to see the diversity.

I spent the afternoon relaxing, catching up on email, blogging and generally resting after a tough few days. It was good to be in the same hotel again as it meant we were not rushed, just what the doctor ordered.

Dinner was at 7:30pm and it was a special dinner because Gehard one of the people on the tour was celebrating his 71st birthday. He was a really sweet man and I had enjoyed chatting to him during the tour. Mr Tee and Woody organized a coconut cake for him, a gift and the hotel owner also gave him a special scarf as a gift. The dinner turned out to be a really get session. We finished up outside with sparklers and merry times.

I went to bed at about 10pm exhausted.

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4 thoughts on “Day 5: Ride to Sukhothai Old City Ruins 50km”

  1. Thank you darling actually got there!!
    Sounds wonderful without all the whisky my liver would reject me!
    Hope you can contact Pat in BKK
    i would love her to see you & hear all the adventures, she is a very special friend of mine for 40 years, & also a great traveller.
    love you

  2. Hey sweetie-pie, I know those whiskey hangovers well! Glad you had a good day – sounds great! Miss you madly xx

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