Day 7: Kamphaeng Phet to Nathon Sawan 145km

We had a long day of cycling ahead of us, initially the guides thought it would be approximately 130km, but due to the change of route it ended up being 145km. The city Nathon Sawan had been hit by the floods in October and November pretty badly, which meant to original hotel we were booked in for had changed to a new hotel called Bonintas Chinos.

The day started riding slowly at 7:30am. We had a fairly uneventful ride until we hit an area that was smokey due burning of the sugar cane fields. The roads were wet, the one stretch of road had what looked like oil and water in the shoulder area. The guides suggested we move out of the section, just as they said this Svenning slipped and went down hard in front of me. I knew I was going to fall, now it was a matter of how to deal with the crash. I couldn’t brake hard because I would slide, he was right in front of me, so I rode into him and on impact I unclipped pedals, let go of handle bars and prepared myself for the inevitable tar I was about to hit.

Svenning and I were a little shaken up, he cut open his face badly with his glasses and grazed himself. I was just slightly bruised. Svenning is one tough man, he got cleaned up and they put him in the car for another 20min until we stopped for some snacks and drinks, then he requested to get back on the bike as the bus was boring he said.

Back on the road. We were riding painfully slowly, but considering we had just had an accident going fast was not an option. The area we were riding through was not very pretty, mainly due to the burning of sugar cane fields. There was smoke, dust, sugar cane trucks and generally kak surroundings. I really hoped things would change, I figured they would.

We had a couple of stops for snacks and drinks. At 100km we stopped at the monkey mountain where there were loads of monkeys. This was our lunch spot. While we waited for lunch we tools some photos of the monkeys feeding on rice that had been put out for them. Pretty funny shit, I watching this one male scratch his huge red balls much like I scratch my balls. hahahahahah….

After lunch there was about 5-10km of road with a few turn offs before we could open up speed and really start riding. When we moved slowly my arms and arse hurt, but when we moved at decent pace it didn’t hurt. My legs were feeling great! Anyways, we eventually got to an open road with loads of potholes. We started opening up the speed, but 10km in we got two snake bite punctures caused by hitting potholes. Mr Tee quickly fixed the punctures and we were back at it. I time trailed to catch the others in front, then when we caught them we stopped for snacks and drinks again, oh well, was fun to finally push hard.

After a quick pit stop we got on the way for the last 20+ km. Mr Tee, Svenning and I worked to get her to push the speed up, we were doing about 35-45km per hour on the flats. nice pace and that meant the km’s flew past. We arrived at our hotel around 5pm. Long day in the saddle!

We checked in, went up to our respective rooms and the first thing I did was have a shower. Have gotto say that the shower and bathroom was one of the best I have ever experience. The shower is definitely the best shower I have ever had in my life, two shower heads with different options. WOW!

I did some blogging, but happy hour was calling and dinner after that. Such a good day!

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  1. Wow, glad you and Svenning are ok after the fall – I see what you mean about him being a machine (like you) 🙂 I’ve been enjoying our lovely shower at home too… miss you, can’t wait to see you and all the lovely goodies you’ve bought!

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