Day 3 – Candidasa

During the Spice Roads Bali trip Ajus and Minggus will mostly return home to Kuta every day, but Amed is a little too far for them to drive home so they stayed the night in Amed. We woke up fairly early 7:30am and had breakfast next to the sea. It’s so peaceful listening to the waves break while you drink your morning coffee and eat breakfast.

The start of the ride would be about 20-25km away, but I opted to cycle to the start instead of drive, Barbara was in car while I rode the route from Amed to Ababi. We started the ride on a small tar road with our guide Ajus. After a bit of riding we hit a climb. I connected Barbs up to the tow rope anid towed her up a 7km climb.

On the way up the climb in they Sibetan village area we had a break. This area is known for a fruit called Salak aka snake skin fruit, the fruit only grows in this area.

When we got to the top of the climb we turned off onto a little road that was used by locals to access their houses by scooter, the area / village was called Putung. We got to the top of climb and met up with Minggus who had to drive around a different route.

We got to ride down from Putung area (this village area is just in front of Mt Agung) on a seriously steep and narrow little tar road. I flew down the hill at top speed, almost colliding with a few scooters along the way and literally scaring the crap out of the scooter drivers… Whoops, that’s the crazy person in me. We headed towards a major road that ran along the coast towards a place called Candidasa pronounced Chandidasa.

We had a light lunch just outside the town Candidasa next to the sea. We only had a couple more kilometres to ride into the town where we checked into the Natia Seaside hotel for the night. The hotel room was pleasant, we settled in, relaxed a little and then I put on my running gear.

I went for a run to a local traditional village called Tenganan about 7km from Candidasa. This village was interesting, the guide book suggested that I should visit to see a version of traditional tribal way of life. It was kind of traditional with elements of modern influence. Water buffalo were free to walk within the walls of the village. Villagers made traditional goods for sale to tourists, I bought a map of Bali made on bamboo, the person who made it explained that he used a blade to carve in the pattern and burnt macadamia nut to colour in the design. He wrote Barbara and Ashley in English as well as Indonesian.

I realised that the sun was going to set soon and I still had to run 7km back to our hotel. That evening we had an amazing sunset from our hotel sitting at the pool area. After the sun had set and we had taken a ridiculous number of photos, we went for dinner and then headed to bed fairly early. Slowly our body clocks were adjusting to the time zone.

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