Bangkok and Kachanaburi

We flew in from Bali on an AirAsia flight, Thailand is 1 hr ahead Bali, so we landed at 3pm in Don Meuang airport, after a 4 hr flight. We caught a metered taxi to Khoa San road area for about 350 Baht. It was a painless experience and we were super happy to be in Thailand. People in Thailand were so much more friendly than the crazy rude people in Kuta, Bali.

Our hotel, Vieng Thai, was in Rumbuttri road, a road was parrallel to the famous Khoa San road. As we stepped into Rumbuttri road we immediately bumped into a Singaporian friend of ours Dax. It felt like we were “home”! We stayed in Vieng Thai Hotel a few years before, so it was exciting to return to a place we had enjoyed previously.

Once we had checked in, we dropped our bags off, made ourselves comfortable and then we headed out into the surrounding streets for some exploration. Barbara wasn’t too interested in shopping, but I was amped to shop shop shop… I didn’t bring much in the way of clothing, so I went out looking for tshirts, shorts, underwear and whatever else caught my fancy. It was great fun to go shopping, made me feel like I was really on holiday! Fun fun fun….

In between everything I was chugging away at Chang beer, what we affectionately call “Chang O’Clock”! This also made me feel like I was on holiday! All the indicators were flashing, holiday holiday holiday!!!

I took Barbara to see where I had my Tatoo done and managed to convince her to get one done after the Moon Mountain Xmas party, when we returned to the Khoa San Road area.

Barbs and I took a nap before went to Ooze bar at 11pm. We popped in for an hour at Ooze bar to find out a bit more about the party that we were attending the next day. The Ooze bar team organize a party every 3-4 months in Kanchanaburi on house boats on a lake. The Xmas party signified 10 years of these parties, which meant it was going to be fairly big for a lake party, they expected 150-200 people.

We got some sleep, then woke up for breakfast at the hotel. I had to buy a few last supplies for the party, so I headed off for a mission, the main thing I needed was Benzine fuel for my little gas burner. Luckily I could get Benzine at a normal petrol station, this was because in Thailand some vehicles use Benzine as a fuel source, I found this interesting.

The busses to Kanchanaburi left at about 10am we were told, so we went to the meeting point and were herded to another point (a traffic circle) where more people gathered. There were about 150 hippies gathering on this traffic circle, that’s definitely one way to draw attention in Thailand, but nobody seemed to care much. The party goers were getting excited, specifically the crazy French group were getting messy… This proved to be the French theme over the next few days as the they drank themselves into a state.

The troop of trancies boarded the 3 busses, we tried to avoid the noisy (and smelly) French connection, but somehow were stuck with them, luckily they were downstairs. Our Singaporian friends were behind us on the bus, it was great to see them again. Directly opposite us was a guy called Dara, who is a Cambodian French guy, he was very interesting guy, we chatted to him for ages. The bus trip was about 4-5 hours long before we arrived at the lake in Kanchanaburi.

The 3 busses stopped in front of the lake, we all got off the busses and started to board the 6 house boats that were tied together. It was all very exciting! Once on the boats we decided to move closer to the back, so we could chill when we were sick of the music.

Earlier in the year i had done research on camping gear like 2 man tent, mattresses, pillows, gas cooker, pot, plate, bowl, knife / fork / spoon set, etc. We had brought all this stuff with us for the party. Our idea was the house boats would stay in one place, but the reality was the house boats were being dragged out into the lake. So we pitched our tent, setup our campsite and made friends with our neighbors Natalie (Canada) and Rhyo (Germany). There were people from about 20 countries attending the party! This would make for an interesting experience!

The lake was so beautiful, Barbs and I had never seen a party like this, interesting and exciting. As the house boats were being dragged across the lake we started to get merry. It was Xmas Eve, although it didn’t feel much like a Xmas environment. We had brought along some Vodka and strawberry juice mixer. What a great drink mix! We kept hitting the strawberry mix all night.

We met a guy called James Waller who played as Spirit Moon, we chatted to him for ages early on in the day, then he came on and played his set from about 8-10pm. Great music, sent us flying into the the evening. Not sure who played next, but the Scotty from Vuuv came on and played from about 12 till 3am. His music rocked, we were loving it! After that we were somewhat broken, so sleep, rest and rejuvenation was in order so we could party the next day and night.

The Xmas morning was a very different Xmas experience, I didn’t even think it was Xmas, then realizing “Oh yeah, it’s Xmas”, it was the most un-christmassie christmas ever. Hahahaha…. Good times!

The heat was turned up to the max with a solid dousing of humidity from at least 8am…. We could sleep in, it was too hot. The day was spent wiggling about on the dance floor intermittently, with a lot of swimming in between. It was great that we could just flop off the boats into the water whenever we wanted to. In between the swimming and the dancing we chatted to interesting traveller type people about their experiences around the world.

The day of lack of sleep, drinking, dancing and socializing took its toll on us, so we decided to hit the hay early…. I was in the hammock by 9pm and passed out for almost 10hours. Sleep is essential and we are never shy when it comes to sleeping.

Boxing day we knew we would be heading back in the afternoon sometime to Bangkok on the busses. The boats were moved a bit closer to our starting point, we arrived back at our starting point around 3:30pm and that’s when they turned off the music. All the party goers were bussed back to Bangkok in the same busses we arrived in.

After arriving back in Bangkok we checked back into Vieng Thai and grabbed our bags from the lockup room. Barbs was getting a tattoo done, so after a quick shower we headed out for some dinner and the down to the tattoo place. Barbara was getting her late father’s name “Jack” tattooed on her ribs. While she got her tattoo done I repacked bags and prepared for the next day’s trip to the islands.

I fetched Barbara around 11pm, the tattoo had been extremely painful and she was ready for bed! We promptly fell asleep after returning to our hotel room. Then woke up up at about 5:30am to head off to the airport. We were catching a 8:30am Bangkok Air flight to Koh Samui, when we checked in they offered us a 7:30am flight, so we took the flight, but that meant we had to move about arses to get to the plane in time.

Our Bangkok / Kanchanaburi trip was most successful, next up Koh Tao and Koh Phangan for a New Years festival and then some other parties! Woooooo……

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