The start of Koh Tao

Our plane landed in Koh Samui around 8:30am, it had been a quick and painless flight from Bangkok. We literally went up for 20-25 min, then stabilized at optimal altitude for 10-15min and then started descending again.

The Koh Samui airport is one of the prettiest airports I have been to. As you get off the plane you board a cute little bus that drives you a few hundred meters to the where you fetch your bags. We stood around waiting for our bags, Barbara’s bag came through, but my bag didn’t.

I was dreading another lost bag drama, but again Thailand to the rescue. We went to the lost baggage department for Bangkok Air, they already had our name ready and note saying that my bag was on the next flight to Koh Samui. Luckily Bangkok Air has a flight almost every hour to Koh Samui from Bangkok during high season, so my bag arrived a little bit later and all was fine.

We bought a bundled ticket that took us via taxi to the Mae something pier, then we jumped onto the Lompraya boat that went to Koh Phangan and afterwards our destination which was Koh Tao. We arrived at the Mae Haad pier on Koh Tao, hopped off the boat and walked to the nearest restaurant to chill and eat something.

While Barbs was eating and relaxing I took a quick jog to figure out where the Blue Diamond resort was. It turned out to be quite close to where Barbara was sitting, thank goodness because our bags weighed a ton. We walked about 10min very slowly to the resort, checked into out “deluxe” bungalow, which had an aircon and fridge.

My first task was to buy tickets for The Experience Festival for Barbs, Marc, Juliet and I. So I decided it would be a good idea to take a run down to where I could buy tickets, sheesh it was hot… I managed to find the spot where I could buy the tickets, bought them and then headed back to the bungalow. We pretty much chilled for the rest of the day.

Our second day on Koh Tao was a little more adventurous. We hired a scooter and went for a drive around the TINY island. First we explored the Mae Haad pier area, looked at the shops and figured out what if much had changed… Nothing had changed from our previous two trips to Koh Tao.

We thought we would try to explore somewhere we had not been to before, a place called Mango Bay that you can only really get to via taxi boat due to it being quite remote. The roads were not well marked and in some cases could not really be called roads… This made for interesting scooter adventures.

We finally found what we thought was Mango Bay, but then we found a sign saying Hing Wong Bay. The road down to the bay was unbelievably steep, so we decided it was wiser to walk down the steep cement hill… We are not taking ANY chances this holiday, one fall and you could ruin the holiday. When we got down to Hing Wong Bay it was disgusting, there was litter everywhere, all the bungalows were run down, it literally looked like a war zone, we quickly evacuated!

We had to walk up the steep hill (it was boiling hot) out of the war zone, got to the scooter and thankfully bumped into some British people who directed us to the real Mango Bay. We hopped onto the little scooter and went on our merry way… Merry until we got to some steep hills, the scooter refused to ride up the hills with two of us, it barely made it with one of us. Barbara had to get off on every major climb, needless to say she wasn’t happy with me 😉

We eventually got to a fork in the road, one way was a view point the other way was Mango Bay. We tried the view point first and snapped some stunning photos. Then we headed down the steep cement and dirt roads to Mango Bay. Eventually I decided to park the bike as it was to risky, then walked the last stretch up and down the hills in boiling heat. It was all worth it when we got out first glimpse of the bay! The only problem was we had to walk down countless stairs… Hahaha… The heat makes you lazy…

We arrived at bottom and decided to have some lunch before attempting anything else. We had a lovely meal and some fruit shakes. Then took a nap while overlooking the beautiful bay in front of us. Once I woke from my cat nap, I decided to take a swim across the bay, the sea was a little rough which meant I had to work hard. I was out swimming for about 30min, then finally got back to the restaurant.

Barbs and I started our long trek out of Mango Bay, first up the stairs, then up and down the rolling hills and finally back on the bike. We decided to head over to Sairee Beach and have another swim. Once we were done with our day’s adventure we headed back to our little Bungalow to chill.

I took a run that afternoon, once it had cooled down, from Mae Haad up to Dusit Buncha where we stayed the previous year, quite a long run, so after that I was finished. Dinner and early bed for both of us.

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