Marc and Jules arrive on Koh Tao

We woke up on the 29th December very excited because our best buddies were arriving on the island in the afternoon. Marc and Juliet had been on honeymoon holiday in Cambodia and Koh Maak (Thailand) before seeing us.

We got breakfast at Blue Diamond every day, so far it had not been particularly good, but we decided to try a different breakfast every day. After breakfast we went for a walk, but seeing the hammock was installed at our bungalow we decided to chill at the Bunglow for the day until our friends arrived.

We met a guy called Phil 2 years previously at the Experience Festival on Koh Tao, he was back again and I decided to meet up with him for lunch before Marc and Jules arrived. We met down in Chalok Baan and I ran there to get some exercise… Kill two birds with one stone 😉 it was good to see Phil again, nice guy, caught up on what was happening…

Barbs was relaxing at the Bungalow when I arrived, shortly thereafter it was time to head down to the pier to meet them. When we arrived at the pier we bumped into Rayo and Natalie who we had met at the Kanchanaburi Xmas party, they were leaving the island and heading back to Germany / Australia respectively. It was nice to say good bye to new friends.

Our old friends finally arrived, it was so good to see them, we got so excited!!!! We helped them carry their bags back to the Blue Diamond resort, they were staying in a Bungalow across from us for the next 5 days while the Experience Festival was happening,

We started drinking beer and moved onto whiskey… My plan was to get drunk, I had not been more than tipsy all holiday! We definitely succeeded in drinking sufficient volumes of booze…. We decided to walk to Sairee Beach for some dinner and cocktails.

Sairee Beach is pretty commercial, there are loads of bars and it really does cater for the tourists excessively. After dinner we walked along the beach to find a cocktail place, they sat down and I decided I wanted to get a massage, so I left them behind and went off for a massage.

I got back to the Bungalow and they had just returned, everybody was tired, so we said our good nights. The next day would be our first day of 4 days party!!! Wooohoooo….

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