Day 2 – Malai Asia resort to Ban Hat Sari = 190km and 11hrs

In the morning I woke up at 6am so I could get an early start. I had tried to communicate my lover boy that I wanted breakfast at 6:30am, but wasn’t sure he understood me. I got exactly what I ordered (phad khao gai) at exactly the time I wanted. I promptly ate my food, paid my bill and hit the road.

Again I had no clue of the road ahead, but somehow I felt more comfortable with the situation. I was still listening to my GPS that was taking me on the most random of missions, but after ending up on dirt roads in the middle of rural farm lands I decided fuck that shit and no more GPS. Its a great tool don’t get me wrong, use it to navigate south, north, west and east… Don’t follow where it takes you, especially of you cycling, you will just end up cycling way more km than you need to.

Another thing you don’t follow is Lonely Planet, it’s full of shit. I swear I have tired repeatedly to use it and it keeps failing me. I guess that the book doesn’t cater for the entrepid crazy cyclist who goes off the beaten track. Most of the towns or places I visited were not even mentioned in the book, if they mentioned places they gave one shite page with limited info.

My day started getting harder and harder, as I drew closer to Chumphon I had to ride on the highway and it was kinda scary… Either way I managed to get closer and closer to Chumphon. I was intending to stay in Chomphon, but when I got there I realised it was a toilet… I read the Lonely Planet and it gave me a hint of helpful info, I ended up riding another 30km to paradise called Ban Hat Sari. What a magical place, had a fab dinner and slept hard.

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