Day 3 – Ban Hat Sari to Chaiya = 180km and 10hrs 30min

Woke up at 6am, but wasn’t happy about that, hugged the pillow for another 30min. Finally got the courage up to get out of bed and mount my steed… I road out of Hat Sari beach and decided to try a route other than the GPS, for once the GPS was right and I rode an extra phat section of distance… Then I realised that where I stayed caused me to ride an extra 30km of “unneeded roads”, it wasn’t an issue, I was on holiday and training!

Somewhere along highway 41 I decided I could take this anymore and needed get of the highway. It was fairly intimidating riding down such a busy highway with scooters regularly come up the wrong way at you. Once I got of the highway I realised something wasn’t right with my trailer… Then it hit me, the trailer had a flat, the nearest town was Tha Chana about 10km away and I had no puncture repair kit.

I pulled off the road into the front part of a small shop to repair my trailer wheel puncture. next thing there were a bunch of local people who offered assistance. One guy spoke broken Engrish, which was better than nothing, between my broken Thai and his few words of Engrish, we fixed the issue. I managed to pour sealant into the tube through the valve core. The puncture stopped leaking air and I was able to continue.

After my repair crisis, I had very little time to get to Chaiya where I had planned to stay that night, so I needed to up the pace and time trial to get to end point before dark. I eventually reached Chaiya, but it was particularly tourist friendly in that it had almost no accommodation. I rode around looking, but found nothing, eventually I went to the police station to ask for help and they pointed me in the direction of the hotel. I eventually found the hotel, it was much to look at, but for 250baht a night who can complain.

I checked in, went up to my room and took a shower. The room was clean, the bed comfortable and generally it was a pretty good deal. My trailer tire was still loosing air, so I did a bit of a MacGyver and added some more sealant to the tube. Then I went up to the petrol station to find an air compressor to pump the wheel. Unfortunately I had managed to block the valve core, so I need high pressure to blow it clean.

I got back to the hotel after fixing my wheel, i was feeling pretty chuffed with myself, but now it was getting late and I had still not had dinner. There was a young couple, the guy from Sweden and the woman from France, downstairs at the hotel, so I introduced myself and asked if they wanted to go out for dinner.

We found a local place, grabbed then some food and drinks. While waiting for our dinner we swapped traveller stories, this is the part of travelling I love, hearing other people’s stories. Eventually we left the restaurant, I was however still hungry, so I suggested 7eleven. They were not familiar with the plentiful bounties that 7eleven has to offer in Thailand. Bed time came quickly after food, I was knackered after a tough day of riding.

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