5 days on Karon Beach, Phuket

Day 1 – Sunday 3rd March – Pierre’s Birthday Dinner

I arrived in Karon Beach in the afternoon of Sunday 3rd March. My ride into Phuket had been a shock to the system, my peaceful world of riding solo down from Hua Hin had changed to what initially felt like a tourist nightmare with way more people than I could handle.

I arrived at Mellow Space Boutique Rooms around 2pm, it took me a while to find the place, I would be staying there for the next 5 days. I was really impressed with the accommodation, my room was big and the bathroom was great. I had aircon and hot water.

Once I had unpacked and showered I rested my sore and tired body for the afternoon. The plan was that everyone that had arrived in Karon was going to meet for dinner to celebrate Pierre’s birthday. I took a walk down to the beach and walked across the beach on my way to the Pacific Club Hotel where the others were staying.

We went to a fairly upmarket restaurant for some pizza and beers. Pizza is not a dish I would normally have in Thailand, I find it is never as good as Borussos Italian restaurant back home.

I have been alone for 6 days straight, cycling in my own little world, arriving on Phuket island was quite an exciting prospect. Seeing my friends who I had not seen in many years was quite something indeed.

Pierre Vocat was marrying Lisa Kesson in 6 days day. As mentioned, this was his birthday dinner. I walked into the restaurant to find Pierre’s mom and dad who I had not seen since 1996. I am connected to Gail Vocat (mom) on facebook, we speak fairly often over private message or wall posts, more than I speak to Pierre that is.

I am also connected to Pierre’s sister Samantha Vocat, we figured out that the last time we saw each other was at her farewell party in 1996, almost 17 years ago. So much happens in that time. Samantha and I sat next to each other at dinner and caught up on the past 17 years. I told her that we I used to visit her brother, her and her friends would always avoid us like the plague. She told me we were uncool… Anyone friends with her brother was to be avoided, we had a laugh about this. Was great to catch up.

At the same dinner I was introduced to Lisa’s dad Andy and two of his very old friends Ron and Frank. These guys were great fun, great sense of humour and I could see already now that we would hit it off that week.

When I think back about the dinner, the phrase “eat, drink and be merry” comes to mind. The pizzas kept coming, strange flavour after another, I am not a fan of seafood pizza, but this restaurant seemed to that seafood flavours on pizza were awesome. I was starving, so I plugged that pizza in my cake hole irrespective of whether I liked it or not. Along with the pizza I drank Chang after Chang, it was Chang O’clock after all.

Once the dinner was over, the older crew went back to their respective hotels, fair enough considering most people were still jetlagged. The younger crew however decided to hit a bar, I suggested 7eleven and beach boozing, but nobody was keen. They didn’t even get far, there was a very expensive bar next door, so people wandered in there.

Beers were over priced and they only served smalls beers, tequilas were stupidly over priced and they consisted of petrol with vague tequila flavouring. The guys started buying rounds of tequila, so that was great, we drank more and more.

Pierre and I spotted a strange character watching the live cover band, this guy got up and started doing the strangest slow motion jiggy jig I have ever seen. I decided to buy Pierre and another school mate of ours Wayne Sterling a tequila shooter. Like the children we are, I got Pierre to go up to the strange slow motion dancer guy and chat to him while I recorded his jiggy jig. Kak funny.

We went and sat down again, next thing the best man Leon comes up to me and has a stern word with me about buying Pierre 1 tequila shot. He tuned. He some shit about not getting Pierre too drunk because of Lisa his fiance… Wtf, he had bought Pierre a shot earlier and now I am the bad friend getting Pierre drunk. I was not impressed, told him we all on holiday and if Pierre didn’t want the shit he could tell me himself. Come on, I hadn’t seen the guy in years and years, now I am being singled out.

I got up and left the bar, I didn’t want to get into an argument. Uncomfortable way to end the evening.

Day 2 – Monday 4th March – Phi-Phi

The Monday was the first full day with the wedding party. I was told that I would be picked up at 7am by a taxi that would drive us to the pier so that we could do boat trip to Phi Phi islands.

The taxi arrived with some of the older people I had met at the previous night’s. Leon was also in the taxi, I simply ignored him, I wasn’t keen to discuss the night before. The taxi took us across Phuket island to a pier quite far away.

When we got off the taxi Pierre, Lisa and bunch of the others were waiting for us. We boarded what looked like a ferry0p

The evening after the boat trip we were due to meet up at the Pacific Club Hotel where mop

Day 3 – Tuesday 5th March – Paradise Beach

I woke up feeling rough from the litre bottle of Blend that we smashed the night before. Despite feeling tender I woke up at about 7am, my body clock seems programmed to this. My first instinct was to pick up my iPad and Galaxy III phone to do work, I got stuck into work for a good couple of hours.

We were doing a beach day at Paradise beach, which was between Karon and Pa Tong. I had no idea what time we were meeting because nothing had been agreed the night before. While I was working I sent messages to Pierre and his mom (Gail) too, his mom was the person who ended up telling what was happening when most of the time.

I got a Facebook message from Gail saying we were leaving around 11am from near their hotel. It was 10:15am and I hadn’t showered or packed a bag yet. I had to walk 30min to their hotel, so mild panic as I showered, packed and ran out the door. I forgot my sunshades and had to buy some along the way as I ran all the way to the hotel. I even managed to hit 7eleven and grab some staples = ham & cheese sarmie, red bull, water and nuts.

I arrived maybe 4 minutes late, but that was fine because everyone else was late.

Day 4 – Wednesday 6th March – James Bond Islands

To be added soon.

Day 5 – Thursday 7th March – Free day, Pre-Wedding dinner and Bachelors

To be added soon.

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