Return Journey – Day 1 – near Thai Mueng to Khao Sok – 100km in 5,5hrs

The wedding had been close to Khok Kloi in the Phang-nga province at the Aleenta Resort. After a marathon 11 hour drinking session I passed out at the Villa where the wedding was held. I slept in a bunk bed with Frank and Andy, Franks words before bed, you shout up and if you wank, wank quietly, gotto love the Kiwis, straight up!

I woke up at 6:30am (approximate pass out time was 3:30am), then I dragged myself out of bed And got on my bicycle to ride 10km down the road to resort I was staying at. I felt awesomely KAK! Still drunk when I got back to my hotel at about 7:15am, I decided to sleep till 9am and grab breakfast.

Around 10am I was on the road heading towards Khao Sok Notional Park. The way I felt made the ride so much more difficult, the temperature was about 40 degrees Celsius. I sweated out the alcohol fairly quickly and found my rhythm after about 1,5-2hrs. The only way to deal with my stupidty was to embrace the ride and cycle through the discomfort, a lesson that I have only learnt through this cycle trip.

I arrived in Khao Sok area after 5,5 hours of riding. The last stretch was about 8km of climbing uphill in peak temperature and no wind or air movement. I think I set a record for sweating, I consumed about 9 liters of water during my ride.

As I rode into Khao Sok are I noticed it was way more touristic than I expected. I stopped in atnumerous resorts as I cycled down the road into Khao Sok. Eventually I found a resort called Morning Mist that was recommended to me by the Lonely Planet. Personally I feel they need to update the lonely planet with a revised entry to warn against how shit this place’s rooms are. I took a single room for 450baht, it was pretty insecure, bed was hard and generally KAK!

After checking in and taking shower, I decided to go see what what Khao Sok had to offer. I found that it was extremely touristic and generally not what I had expected at all. When I stayed at Manora Garden Resort next to SA Nang National Park I rad a book on the history of the park and how amazing the plant / life was. I didn’t get the sense of this when I was there, the only way I would truly see this side of the park would be to go on a remote multi-day trek that would cost a fair bit of dosh and had to be done with a group of people.

I went for a walk to see what was around, one place that had grabbed me was the Jungle Huts, unfortunately they were fully booked when I was tried, so I just went to grab a beer. While sitting I met Paris from Menorka, epic Spanish dude, we ended up sitting and chatting for ages. Funny how certain types of people are just friendly open and interesting right from the word go, I love meeting new people and this made my day.

After meeting Paris, I headed off back to my room and stopped for a quick dinner along the way. Was good to get a solid dinner and a fairly early evening, SLEEP IS GOOD!

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