Day 2 – loop ride from Khao Sok to Chew Liam Lake then to Phanom and back to Khao Sok – 150km in 8,5hrs

I woke up fairly early, packed my trailer, grabbed some breakfast and got on the road. My initial plan was to ride to Chew Liam Lake and stay at the floating house boats. Nothing worked out as planned though. This was a fairly uneventful day, I rode to the dam, but when I got to the dam it was nothing like I expected. I had to catch a boat to where the floating house boats were, the boat would have cost me a fair bit on my own, if I was sharing it would have been fine.

I headed back to Khao Sok National Park, when I arrived I tried to book into Jungke Huts, but alas they were completely full, my new friend Paris was however still staying there, so we made plans to meet for dinner later.

I found a room near to where I had stayed the night before, place was called Baan Rimnam Resort. The guy who signed me in was super chilled, spoke awesome English and we had a phat chat. I love it when Thai people are friendly and don’t just treat you like the Farang we are.

I took a shower, setup my hammock, drank a large Leo and hung around catching up on some email / facebook. After chilling for a while recovering from my 150km loop ride, I headed off to hook up with Paris the Spaniard. We sat chatting for approximately 1,5hrs about life, love, friends, parties, pets and good times. This to me is bliss, being able to share stories of all sors with like indeed people.

After seeing Paris I went for a massage to ease my aching muscles, 8hrs on a bike will do that to you, but luckily afterwards I felt much less tender and my neck wasn’t stiff anymore. Next to where the massage place was, I found a bar called Chill Out bar. They were playing Bob Marley for the first 1 hour that I was there.

I decided to be social and introduce myself to the group of random foreigners next to me. I ended chatting to a Canadian / Aussie couple. The Candian was really funny, she had Dutch roots and we chatted about her Dutch influence in diet / family / culture and more. We ended up chatting about the Dutch people for a while. Eventually I went to sleep around 12am, I knew that it would be difficult to wake up early as a result, but who cares, live in the now until tomorrow!

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