Day 3 – Khao Sok to Khura Buri – 80km in 4,5hrs

I woke up at a reasonable time, approximately 7am, considering I went to bed at 12am. I grabbed some Khao Phad (fried rice) and fruits platter at the Misty Mountains resort near to whe I was staying, they had shit rooms, but a great restaurant.

I was dreading the start of the ride as I knew what I was up against, I had a 5-6km very steep uphill to conquer. The mountain ended up being much easier than anticipated, i think it was because I was still fresh and the temperature was at around 30 degrees Celcius.

After beating down the climb down, I continued down the road, where was faced with numerous hills and serious heat that was climbing by the minute. IMO body was tired and sore from the day before, I didn’t seem to be performing at my best, the day was dragging.

I was heading towards Khura Buri town and had been recommeded a resort called Khura Buri Green View Resort, which was approximately 12km before town. When I arrived at the resort I realized that the rooms and bungalows were all way above my normal price range, but I decided it was best to stop and get some good rest so that I would be fresh for the next day.

I paid for the cheapest accommodation available at 1500baht for the bungalow. The bed was comfortable, there was a deck where I could hang my hammock and I took fopull advantage of all facilities. That evening I had a quiet dinner on my own and hit the hay as early as possible.

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