Day 5 – Rest day – boat trip to mangroves, deserted islands and beaches

I woke up at 8am, probably the latest I had woken up on any day this holiday. I was really looking forward to the boat trip that was planned. We were only leaving around 9:30am, so I grabbed some breakfast and caught up on some work.

The Czech cyclist couple joined for the boat trip. We headed off to the pier and were on the boat by 10am towards the islands. As we drew closer to the islands we could see some beautiful scenery. The first island we pulled into was magnificent, completely deserted except for us and the boat man. We spent about an hour on the island. During this time I swam over to the neighbouring island and back, then setup my hammock to do some heavy chilling in the shade.

He next island we arrived at was also beautiful, but this island was not deserted, there was a Thai family relaxing. I put up my hammock again and chilled in the shade. The father of the Thai family came over to me and offered me coffee, he couldnt speak English well, but was really friendly.

After that island we headed back to mainland for a boat trip through the mangroves. It was amazing just cruising around alone, you become used to loads of other tourists on these boat trips, it was a pleasure not dealing with the hordes for once. After the mangroves we arrived back at the pier around 3pm. The perfect way to spend an morning and afternoon.

The rest of the day I spent chilling out and working. I also prepped for my mega journey the next day by charting my route and purchasing drinks. Off to bed early so I could get an early start.

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