Historical mining town of Lençois

Barbs and I woke up after a solid night of sleep at Bahia Cafe, Paulo picked us up shortly after breakfast and shuttled us to the Salvador airport for our domestic flight to Lençois. The Salvador airport was much more attractive than the Sao Paulo airport that was ugly as sin. We didn’t mind hanging around the Salvador airport while waiting for our flight and managed to do a little shopping as well as grab some Bob’s burger.

We boarded the small 2 propeller plane and took of to our next destination, Lençois, all very exciting. The flight was only 45min and we travelled about 450km to a tiny little airport, by far the smallest airport I have ever seen. As we were waiting for our luggage, we met a young French woman called Mona, who was also being fetched by the same driver and it turned out she was doing the same trek as us.

Our driver was picked us up and drove us 22km from the airport to the small diamond mining town of Lençois, as we drove in we could see this town had maintained its heritage and the old architecture, this immediately caught our attention. Mona was staying in a small Pousada near to us and we were staying at Villa Serano up on a hill overlooking the town.

The weather was not very good, it was raining, which meant it was not possible to do the planned walk up to some nearby waterfalls, we were not phased as we were still jet lagged. That evening Mona, Barbara and I met up with a guide who took us on a walking tour around the town. Our guide explained the history of the town and show us all the highlights in under an hour, which illustrates how small this little town really is.

After the tour the 3 of us were free to find a restaurant for dinner, we decided on a small place that had chairs set out on the cobbled streets, in the evenings these streets were blocked off to vehicles. We tasted some local dishes, local drinks and swapped stories about France and South Africa. The 3 of us really enjoyed our evening together and felt like we had got off to a good start. Barbs and I were pretty tired still from jet lag, so we decided to head home after dinner for a much deserved sleep. We needed to prepare ourselves for the impending trek…

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