Leaving Chapada Diamantina

We had one more night in Lençois and it happened to be the town’s birthday. We settled in again at Villa Serano and sorted our dirty washing, because everything we took was filthy from rain and mud. After a rest and some relaxation, we headed into the town of Lençois for our last evening in Chapada Diamantina.

We dropped off our laundry at the only laundry place in town, then watched two marching bands, who were there for the town’s birthday. They matched down to the main square, while drumming and trumpeting up a storm. Both marching bands had their own unique style and were highly entertaining.

Next, we met Mona and Tye at the Nas Alturas travel agency office, before heading off to have dinner together. We ended up having dinner in the same street as our first night in Lençois. Shortly after sitting down, we had a pleasant surprise, Myriam from the first 2 days of our trek found us and joined us in a festive dinner.

The 5 of us sat around drinking Caipirinhas and sharing stories. Barbs and I had a local dish called Filé Mignon, which turned out to be one of the best fillet steaks we had ever had. Loving the food, loving the vibe, loving life… After a festive evening and swapping contact details, we walked back to Villa Serano for a much deserved night of rest.

Our morning consisted of a relaxed and short walk up a nearby trail with Myriam, then we headed down into to town to fetch our laundry and grab a juice. Our flight back to Salvador was at 2pm, so we needed to be at the airport by 1pm. We arrived on time, checked in, but the plane was delayed for some 3 hrs. Nothing that we could do but make the most of the time by reading and chatting.

Our flight back to Salvador was pretty bumpy due to the storms, but we made it back fine and our driver Paulo picked us us despite the fact that we were 3 hours later than expect.

Paulo took us right back to Bahia Cafe where we had stayed the week before. We could now shower and rest. We had a fairly early start on the morning of the 20th December, we had catamaran boat tickets from Salvador to Morro de Sao Paulo. Exciting prospects, change mountain life for beach life.

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