Lost Theory July 2014

On Monday 21 July we headed out of Modem Festival towards our next destination in Croatia, which would be the Lost Theory festival and about 100km drive. Again our friends had sent us GPS coordinates, which made it easy for us to track them down.

It was still quite early to arrive at the festival seeing the music only started on the Wednesday evening, so we setup camp along with Eric & Miriam as well as another couple Marcos & Angela. After we setup our tents and shade we decided to go and stay at a local “Pension” aka backpackers or self-catering.

The Pension was a real blessing in disguise, we had all sorts of facilities and could cook ourselves dinner. Then after a fair bit of drinking and merry chats we all crashed hard in comfortable beds. There was heavy rain that night, which also added to the feeling that we made the right choice to stay in the Pension. The best part of the pension were the kittens, there were three little critters that I bonded with. I started putting them into my zip up jacket one by one and eventually had all three in my jacket sleeping. So cute!

In the morning I slept in late, then had a bath and realised I was totally on holiday! Until then I had been missioning with no breaks or time to think, we were just driving, partying, eating, barely sleeping and jolling hard!

We eventually headed back to the festival, but made a quick stop at the supermarket beforehand. We were well and proper stocked with food and booze for the party. As we arrived our campsite was of course already setup, so all we had to do was unpack a few items and move the cooler boxes into the shade. We promptly started a braai (BBQ) and started to cook some awesome Croatian beef, this became a real theme for the next few days along with Karlavakov Croatian beer.

There was no music on the Tuesday, so we didn’t do a whole lot other than get excessively drunk, swim in the river and talk shit. It was early to bed because I knew that this would be the quiet before the storm. Wednesday during the day seemed like deja vu as we did practically the same as the day before.

Wednesday evening was the start of the festival, the music kicked off at 8pm on the main dance floor, until then none of the normal festival goers were aloud through the gates to the main area. As we (myself and the 6 Germans) walked down to the main floor we fetched the Danish peeps and got ready to have a phat party!

The floor looked amazing! The decor was spectacular! Everyone was excited! It looked to me like the entire campsite had walked down for the start of the main floor music. You could see the energy was electric. We all partied late into the night and crawled back at different times.

The first full daytime mission on the dance floor was super. Stephan and I prepared by having a braai, eating more than we should have and  packing a back full of whatever we needed so we wouldn’t have to walk back to the tent. Music was perfect and we had a blast!

At 5pm approximately every day the music was turned off on the main dance floor for about 3 hours. This was actually perfect because it forced everyone to go back to their tents, relax, eat and recharge for another evening session. That evening was more of the same, good music, psychedelic colours and mates having it on the dance floor!

Before we knew it Friday was upon us and I was starting to feel a little tired. I decided to relax some more during the day, the campsite was the perfect place for relaxation, we had food, booze and awesome company…. That night I decided to sleep a solid 12 hours after the afternoon stomp session.

Saturday day we partied as per usual, but that night the heavens opened up on us and it rained like there would be no tomorrow. Somehow we managed to still have fun and enjoy some of the music. Sunday the rain continued, but luckily it did ease up for the last night of the party. I made the last night count and crawled back into my tent just before sunrise.

Stephan and I decided to pack up on the Monday because the weather was looking pretty dismal. We had a camping trip planned for after the festival, but it wasn’t looking like we would be able to go camping. Our German friends all were packed up and we headed out of the festival kinda sad to see it go. What an amazing week of fun and music.

Thank you to everyone who made my Lost Theory an unforgettable experience!

Momento Demento July 2014

After our incident with the local dick Croatian police we went to get our wrist bands for Modem Festival. Our friends had saved a camping spot for us in the camper van area, so that was our end goal!

We drove into the campsite with GPS coodinates and found Eric & Miri immediately. I cannot begin to describe the relief and excitement I felt when we found them. At a large festival it can be practically impossible to locate people! Woooohoooo…. Let the party begin!

We quickly setup our campsite and began excessive drinking! I couldn’t believe that I had arrived at this festival with my friends, it was too good to be true. It was lovely to be around long time friends, chatting, talking about old times and catching up on all sorts.

I kept introducing myself to random foreigners with the phrase “Hello, my name is Ash and I am from Cape Town, South Africa”, people were quite surprised that I had travelled so far for a festival. Then I introduced myself and the people responded that they were from Denmark. I thought to myself, I know these people and asked the woman if her name was “Michelle Miller”. Turns out I knew our neighbours from a Thailand new year festival. Epic!

After setting up our campsite, we started a braai (BBQ) and started getting well greased we decided to to head up to the main dance floor to see what the festival looked like while there was still some sun light. I headed up with Stephan, Eric, Miriam and my Danish friends.

The walk to the main dance floor was a long and steep journey. The campsite was strung out over a long thin route next to a river.The chill / alternative stage was next to water falls with crystal clear water. I was blown away by the beauty of the campsite!


The stairs were killer, they went straight up, in the beginning this was a novel and pretty experience, later I would learn it was much better catching a lift with the shuttle bus.


The main dance floor was totally covered with trees, the decor looked great and the DJ booth was incredible! Our Danish friends had a small second campsite at the main dance floor, so we setup there and started a groove session on the dance floor.




I have gotto say that I can’t remember being as excited as I was the first night at Modem fest. I was chatting to all sorts of new people using my “catch phrase”, it worked a charm for getting random conversations going!

The night time started to set in, but we realised that Stephan and I were poorly prepared for the evening that was ahead of us. The night was cold, we didnt have warm clothes, we didnt have a torch, we didnt really plan at all…

I suggested to Stephan we make the long journey back to the campsite, he reluctantly agreed (I don’t blame him as it was a 30min walk both ways) and we started our walk down. Things looked quite different at night without a torch to how they looked in daylight. We kept thinking we were almost there because we found multiple camper van campsites, but these campsites our campsite.

Eventually we made it back to our tents and car, grabbed our supplies, a torch and some warm clothes. Then we started our half hour journey back up the to the main dance floor, but luckily as we walked out of the camper van area I asked somebody for a lift. We got a lift up to the top in a brand new top of the range Porsche Cayenne! Oh my hair fuck! That was the most epic car ride I have ever had, so epic I left my torch in the guy’s car! Shit!

We arrived at our second campsite to join the rest of the peeps and the lighting was full power on the dance floor, quite a psychedelic experience!


The night was a blur and I lost Stephan, somehow he found his way back to the tent barefoot due to loosing his shoes. No clue how he walked home without shoes or a torch, the road back was lethal.

The Sunday morning we started with a braai first thing, got ourselves well fed and prepared for another trek up to the main dance floor. This time we were a lot better prepared! We even packed swimming pants along with whatever else we thought we needed, there was no chance I was going to trek back and forth to the campsite.

The day party at the main dance floor was quieter than expected, seeing we had arrived towards the end of the festival a lot of the people had started leaving already, but was still a fun day.

Before it got dark we decided to go back and cook some dinner before the night session. It was pretty awesome cooking 2-3 meals a day at a trance festival, back at home I would just buy food, but we were fully kitted and prepared for this!

I was pretty tired by the evening, so didn’t last long and crashed hard in slumberland. Monday the festival went on, but Stephan and I decided to head over to the next festival Lost Theory.

Despite missing most of the Modem festival we had an absolute blast and were super happy we fitted in a quick stomp before the next party!

Arrival in Europe and road trip to Croatia

I had been planning my Euro trip for almost 6 months, the trip seemed for ages like it would never arrive. Time stands still for nobody and before I knew it I was boarding a plane to start my euro trip.

I flew on Emirates from Cape Town to Dubai. As I left the plane I met a South African, both of us had to wait about 8 hours until our next flight, so we thought it would be a good idea not to sleep and rather drink through the night. Was pretty cool hanging out, but admittedly not one of my brightest ideas, it was both tiring and expensive!

My next flight took me to Zurich, Switzerland. On arrival I used my British passport, it was so disappointing as they didn’t stamp my passport.  My SA passport has loads of stamps from all over, thats part of the travel experience…

My long time buddy Stephan fetched me from the airport and we headed back to his flat. He has been living in Zurich for the past year while working at an marketing agency, so after a brief visit to his Zurich flat we headed to his flat in Munich, which was our destination for the evening.

As we drove from Switzerland I was able to get a glimpse of the Swiss lifestyle, architecture, agriculture and more. Next we drove through Austria briefly and into Germany. What a whirlwind experience in my first few hours in Europe!

Before arriving at Stephan’s flat we stopped off to stock up on supplies for Croatia at his local supermarket. It was interesting walking through a foreign supermarket looking at brands of different products. The beer section was most interesting. We stocked up on various types of Munich beer, Stephan assured me that this was the best beer I would ever drink 😉

In the evening we grabbed some take away pizza, drank a few too many Munich beers and hit the hay early. Before we knew it we had to wake up again at 4:30am to start the long drive to Croatia. The road trip would take us from Germany into Austria, then through Slovenia and into Croatia.

I was blown away by Austria’s beautiful mountains, as well as their impressive roads and tunnels, it was like nothing I have ever seen. The architecture of the houses was interesting to see, I always love to absorb other cultures.

Slovenia went by quite quickly, i did however get to observe lots of farming and country side. I took over driving from Stephan at this point, which was a scary concept seeing I had to drive on the right side of the road, but I adapted fairly well 😉

As we entered into Croatia we were stopped for the first time at a boarder post and asked to produce our passports. After crossing the boarder the Garmin GPS decided to direct us off onto smaller roads towards the Momento Demento festival, we skipped the highways and tolls, which was a bonus.

The GPS directed us along a funny route, we kept getting taken onto smaller and smaller roads until the point where we were on a single lane for both directions of traffic.  I think we were driving on tarred farm roads or something. We suddenly found ourselves at the festival, the GPS had taken us via a back route and we ended at the end of the bottom of the festival.

We had to find our way to the gate so that we could get our tickets, but this is where we had a pretty serious fuck up occur. A scooter driver was flying down one of the narrow roads right near the festival entrance. There were loads of cards parked on the right hand side of the road, which forced me to drive in the middle of the already narrow road. The scooter hit the side of the car and crashed!

Personally I feel the scooter was riding too fast, but I admit that I was in the middle of the road, which meant neither of us were in the right. Problem was the scooter guy’s brother was a Croatian policeman from the local town called Slunj. He called his brother, two policeman and his brother rocked up. They blamed us and fined us 1443 Kuna or 2790 Rand. They held us for for quite some time while they wrote their police report.

Stephan and I remained calm, we knew if we argued these guys would make things really bad. I did a alcohol test and pass with 0.0 level. Croatia has a zero tolerance for alcohol, so if I had failed the test I would have been thoroughly screwed.

We then had to follow these dick coppers to the local town 20km away and wait for them to finish the report, after which we paid the fine. The whole process took almost 4 hours.  What a way to arrive at a party!

Fuck those coppers! Waste of our time and money!