Chapada Diamantina National Park and Vale de Capao & Pati

In the morning of the 13th December we were fetched by the tour company Nas Alturas, there was another lady joining us called Myriam from Brazil and then we fetched Mona who was staying down the road. We were all introduced to our guide Tye, who was a Frenchman. We were transported to a small dirt road where our trekking adventures would start at the foot of Morro do Pai Inacio, one of the flat topped chapadas in the Chapada Diamantina nation park.

We started the walk with a view of Vale do Cercado and the Tres Imaos (three brothers) mountains. The hike was largely flat and took us past Morrao, another picturesque chapada. The 5 of us stopped at the Aguas Claras swimming for a swim and some lunch. The break was cut short by rain, so we started a brisk walk.

Along the way I noticed quartz crystal and managed to find some incredible clear crystals with amazing symmetric shapes. I spent the majority of the last part of the hike looking for crystals and managed to collect quite a few little beauties! At the end of the hike we found the Nas Alturas vehicle waiting for us, Barbs, Myriam and Mona got into the vehicle while the guide Tye and I ran back to the small quiet village of Capao.

Charming Capao

We arrived in Capao and I was immediately taken by this village’s rustic nature. We were staying in a beautiful little Pousada with the most amazing garden. I took a shower and left Barbara reading while I headed into town to buy a beer and scope out something to do or a place to eat for dinner.

I found two places for dinner, the first was a pizza place that sold pizza by the slice and the second a vegetarian restaurant. I continued to explore the little village to see what else was happening. Capao is a quiet village with mostly hippy or simply alternative people living there. Shops and restaurants were very affordable and people friendly.

Barbara, Mona and I headed into town together much later after having a rest and relaxation session. We went over to the pizza joint first, they served devine pizza slices, the base was just perfect and for 6 slices we paid only R$15. Next we went for some veggie food around the corner where i proceeded to stuff down loads more yummy food.

The highest waterfall in Brazil

Our first morning in Capao we woke up around 5am, it seemed like our body clocks had still not fully adapted to the time zone. We lay in bed reading and chatting, it was so good to be on holiday. Around 8am we headed off to the breakfast table and had some interesting food for breakfast, so delicious.

The plan for the day was to hike up to the top of the Cachoeira dos Fumaça, which is the highest waterfall in Brazil. A driver picked us up from the Pousada after breakfast and shuttled us a few kilometers to the start of the trail. We checked in at an office at the bottom and we all made a donation. 20000 people per year hiked the Fumaça, each donation goes towards preserving and protecting the mountain and especially fires that break out periodically during the dry seasons.

I ran up the trail ahead of the rest of the group and it felt great to get a rush of endorphins going. I waited for the rest of the group higher up on the hiking trail and absorbed the incredible views that were in front of me. Once the group caught up, we all walked to the waterfall together.

The waterfall was so high that the water disappeared into vapour, I crawled to the edge of an overhang viewpoint and looked down to see an unnervingly high drop down to the bottom. We walked down to a nearby rock pool and had some lunch for the next hour or so. Before leaving we snapped some more photos from a different viewpoint, the spray that the waterfall produced was amazing.

After our photo session we walked back down the same route we walked up, so I ran ahead and pushed some speed on the trails, bouncing from rock to rock and splashing through the streams. We headed back to our Pousada in Capao for a rest, then went into town for pizza at a different place. OMG, some of the best pizza I have ever had. Bed time after all that food and beer.

Valley vistas of Pati valley

At breakfast we found out that Myriam would not be joining us due to an injury, so the rest of the trek was set to be just the 4 of us – Barbara, Ashley, Mona and Tye. After breakfast we were shuttled to the start of the our longest hike during the week of trekking, it would be a distance of 22km when we were done. We walked out of Vale do Capao up the Bomba trail, at the head of the valley we were presented with stunning views all the way down Vale do Capao with verdant chapadas up on either side.

After traversing the meadows of Gerais do Viera and the Rio Preto, we stopped for lunch at a rock pool. With some lunch to fuel us along the remaining hike we marched on eventually getting a good view point that looked down the Vale do Pati, giving us a glimpse of where our final destination would be for the day.

We walked down a steep rocky trail and then I ran up a steep incline on the path ahead. That was our last climb for the day, after which we headed down into the Pati Valley. We arrived at some simple local accommodation and were welcomed by the family that lived there with some wholesome delicious food and even some cold beers.

Terrenrial downpours and a day of rest

That night we heard some rain started, all was still fine, but suddenly we started hearing thunder, seeing lightening and then it started…. The rain poured down harder than it had rained in that region in many years, it rained so hard that the roof leaked a fine mist onto our beds. Barbara struggled to sleep as the frightening weather beat down on the little cottage we were sleeping in!

The next morning we found out that all the rivers had flooded and there was no chance of us walking anywhere. Our hike up to some near by caves had been cancelled, so we all sat around reading and relaxing, which was quite pleasant with the beautiful birds, kitties getting scratches and plants around where we were staying.

We packed up in the late part of the afternoon and headed to a new house about 10min walk down the path. We could move earlier in the day because all the streams had merged into a raging river, which blocked our path. The new house had panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. Early to bed for everyone after a tasty dinner together.

Above the big waterfall

Barbs and I had a pretty bad night’s rest, so we woke up feeling stiff and miff… It had rained all night and the double mattress was too big for the bed frame, nothing a bit of Brazilian coffee couldn’t sort out!

We started off on our walk fairly early, first we took our bags to a new house about another 10 min walk up the path from where we were staying. On arrival, we realized the new place was a big upgrade on the previous two places. The family running the accommodation was much bigger, so there were more people to work on the buildings and garden. The garden was especially beautiful with a host of flowers, the cosmos flowers specifically made the gardens light up with incredible color.

All we did was drop our bags off at the new house, then start off on a hike up to the Cachoeira big waterfall, which was approximately a 9km walk one way and same distance back. The first part of the path was foreign to us, but then Tye said we had walked a stretch already, I didn’t recognize the path, but then I clicked, we walked the path as we entered the Pati Valley.

I took a run up ahead and chased down some mules with their owners, I love chasing down people ahead, it’s great fun. When I got on top of the chapada I waited for Mona, Barbs and Tye, then we walked the rest of the route together. After a few kilometers we headed down another path which lead us toward the forest surrounding the waterfall. The forest was incredible, it was a mash up of trees, ferns, roots and moss, making a beautiful wonderland.

We popped out of the forest a the perfect rock pool and mini waterfall where we would have lunch and take a swim. We dropped our bags and head to the big waterfall, what an incredible site, we saw what few people normally get to see and that was a raging mass of water exploding out of the rock. The waterfall was not created by a river or stream, it was pouring out of the rocks in many different locations. In some cases the water made it to the valley below, but the main waterfall disappeared into a fine mist like the Fumaça. Tye took us to one more view point to see another perspective of the raging waterfalls.

We headed back to our bags to munch some lunch and swim a little. While doing this it felt like a Steven King story as the mist started creeping through the forest around us and spreading around the area we were sitting. Next the rain started and it was kind of cold, so we packed up and headed out at a brisk pace.

I decided to run the last 7km or so, so I took off and ran like wind. The trails were sodden with water, which made running tricky, but I kept pushing. The rain had subsided a little once we got back onto the chapada, but soon it started to pour down again making the clay paths like slippery snot. I arrived back at the little cottages about 1 hour ahead of the others, so I took a shower and started reading.

That afternoon we all relaxed whiled appreciating the beautiful surroundings. Tye had suggested we watch TV, I thought this was a bit odd until I saw what he meant, there was a bench with a view of the mountains that was like a high definition infitinite sized LED TV screen. I made a new feline friend, this kitty sat on my lap and drooled on my for ages, cutest little creature.

In the evening after dinner, Tye joined the family in a music session. There were 5 men and 2 young boys all making music in harmony with one another. Barbara, Mona and I watched in awe as the 7 of them made what Tye dubbed peasant dance music, we felt quite honored that they were comfortable playing with us present. Bed time after the music session.

Out of the Pati Valley

The morning of the 18th December, we hiked out of the Pati Valley away from the beautiful chapadas we had grown accustomed to seeing for the previous few days. The hike took us back up the path we took down into the valley and up the steep rocky decent. When we had hiked into the valley, the path was not quite as damaged and wet, leaving was a different story.

As we got to the top of the chapada and walked across the Rio do Preto meadows the rain started up again. At first it was a fine drizzle, but over time this increased and so did the water flowing in the streams around us. We could not cross the river, which was normally the route, due to the river being raging torrent of water.

Luckily there was a bridge further up the trail that we could use to cross the river, this is also what the local families used when they crossed with their mules. We had lunch on the bridge, but this was cut short by a downpour, so we started hiking on the trail again.

We walked down the Morro do Beco towards a small farming town of Guine. The steep trail down had become a stream, it was great fun running down the rocky & watery decent. We had little to no visibility going down the trail due to heavy cloud, which was unfortunate because we would usually have incredible views.

Due to us pushing along quite fast, we finished the hike back in about an hour faster than expected, which meant that the driver had not arrived. We decided to into the town of Guine and find the driver there. We were lucky as we quickly found the driver, who then drove us back to Lençois. The journey back was nearly 2 hrs, so we were super happy to arrive at the Pousada we stayed in 6 days earlier called Villa Serano.

developing quite a bad addition to farmv…

developing quite a bad addition to farmville

About 2-3 weeks back I started seeing people publish farmville results to their facebook profiles. At first I ignored it because I figured it was another crappy facebook app or game. The I started noticing more and more friends using it. Curiosity got the better of me….

I installed the application farmville – – and tried it out. Within a couple of days I was hooked. Planting crops, harvesting trees, collecting farm animals and way more. I started conning my friends and wife into starting a farm in farmville… Before we know what hit us, we were all hopelessly hooked.

Try the game out, you might like it.

P.S. Be warned it is addictive and I take no responsibility for other peoples addictions….

Google Wave is a new product by Google. …

Google Wave is a new product by Google. It lauches later in the year. The idea is that users communicate and collaborate on the web with a rich set of tools. A “wave” is equal parts conversation and document, where users can almost instantly communicate and work together with richly formatted text, photos, videos, maps, and more.

I watched 1 hour video on the topic that was extremely informative, if you are interested in innovative communication tools then watch this video:

Saving time on a daily basis has become …

Saving time on a daily basis has become a necessity…. I mentioned yesterday that I loaded a new theme on my blog called P2. P2 is a theme for WordPress that fits my fast paced lifestyle. P2 is revolutionary, it helps me reduce time spent blogging through frontend blogging. Posting your blog posts twitter style right from the homepage has helped me to blog at the speed of thought.

When I started with blogging in 2006 things were different, I had more time (less social networking) on my hands. Micro-blogging was not even a thought that had crossed my mind. Now-a-days I don’t have the time to write lengthy personal blog posts. I seem to use facebook the most, more than twitter at least…. I have integrated facebook and twitter into my blog now so that the systems cross post whenever I add new content. This helps save time.

Here’s a quick video tour of the best P2 Theme features:

Let me know what you think and if you have questions, then post a comment.

Mountain Bike Training | Friday 27 March 2009

1 hr 30 min riding where I followed much the same route as previous two rides in the week, but this time met up with a fellow trail runner who was also mountain biking. We took a very different route to normal and walked up the stairs above Rhodes Momerial. After the walk we flew down a very steep hill the other guy called suicide climb, which is situated just under the block. After that we rode towards tampon towers afterwhich I rode back home along the same jeep track traveled.

Amazing Namibian Hardwood for all your firey needs

I picked up a flyer in my post box about a year or more ago. I purchased a load of the wood in the beginning of May 2008 that lasted through through to August 2008. My wife and I just took delivery of another load because the cold still seems to be lurking. The wood makes brilliant coals and burns for ages! See what the owner Philip Kleinhans says about the company:

Namibian hardwood was started in 2005 by Phillip Kleinhans, we focus on braai wood, firewood, pizza oven wood as well as mopane root sales. We currently serve the Western Cape area, northern and southern suburbs, and have recently begun exporting abroad.

Our wood is of the highest quality and is sourced straight out of Namibia. We are a small company with a big heart and a will to please.

I spoke to Philip about building a website for them, but one of his friends beat me to it, see what I have in stock available on the website – We have passed on the details of this company to many of our friends and all of them are super happy with service and price!

Contact details:

  • Phillip Kleinhans
  • Tel: +27 (0)82 420 9054
  • Fax: +27 (0)86 976 0049
  • Email:

I am almost tempted to go light a fire right now, damn its bloody cold at the moment!

Presenting at WordCamp

The other night at the Blogger evening I chatted to Jason Bagley about the plugin my company has been developing for a project due next month. We plan to release the plugin as GPL in a few months time once we have made the plugin more generic and suitable for the plugin repository. I hired an amazing developer called Nielo Wait to help build this plugin. Its been a big learning curve for all of us, but what Nielo has achieved is pure genius. I will be talking about the code and how we put it all together, as well as the purpose for writing the plugin. I look forward to seeing a bunch of geeks and metting Matt Mullenweg at WordCamp Cape Town.

35 days of reading Between the Lines

Why 35 days of reading Between the Lines? Well it’s been 35 days since the launch of the new LightSpeed 2.0 and it’s been the most amazing month of growth.

New business focus….

Focusing heavily on new business, we have enjoyed a flurry of enquiries, alongside a small website project for local NGO, The Big Tree Foundation. Our key objective for the month has been marketing, primarily channeling our voice through our website where we have received a fantastic response, but also in using parallel mediums like Facebook and benefiting from other social media initiatives such as the global Twitter and Flickr applications.

No more support….

LightSpeed 2.0 has moved out of the IT Support arena and into a new era. We now offer a completely different service catalogue, and absolutely love the new and positive web realm that we have entered. However, as a result of running a support business for 5 years, we have a plethora of hardware lining our walls and floors. As loose computer entrails are not very becoming of a New Media Web 2.0 specialist company, we have been selling off all our old stock, again primarily using the internet as our sales medium. Should you be interested in seeing what stock we are clearing out, click here to see what we have up for grabs.

Public talks….

I feel that I have been a major driving force behind the new business, giving two well-received talks at locally hosted public events. The first talk on “The End of Email” was at the Open Content Party, held on 15 September and hosted by Wikipedia co-founder, Jimmy Wales , and iCommons Executive Director, Heather Ford. Take a look at the video of the talk on Local Social Media Site, Zoopy. The second talk, held at the Geek Dinner on 27 September, covered the Channels of Communication and how these can effectively be used in the online world of today. This year we have seen the addition of South African channels being added to our arsenal, like Mail & Guardian’s Amatomu. I am pointing this out because I feel that the success of a number of South Africa Web Start-ups is a real achievement. Proudly South African.

Launch Competition….

Now what would a marketing strategy be without a competition? Not much. That’s why for the month of September we had entries pouring in for our Win-a-Website Competition which produced one lucky winner on Monday. Congratulations to Mr. Raoul R Swart of Douglas Road Primary School, who will now be able to aid his school with a whole new web presence!

Win-A-WickedWiki Competition….

Due to the competitions enormous response and positive effect, we are now running a Win-a-WickedWiki Competition for the month of October. The core prize here is a Wiki, replacing the free website, and still with the same great extras as before. The lucky winner of this competition will reap the benefits of a collaborative communication tool either for internal use or perhaps as an information portal for prospective clients.

On the homefront….

One month later, and still with a bit of home improvement to be done, our website is starting to take shape. It now boasts new functionality and extra charms. Keep watching this space, because we’re not quite done. Now you can even subscribe to our blog and feed our stream of new Social Media content into your inbox or RSS feed manager.

Dutch Interns….

During the last month we have had three new additions to the LightSpeed family. We now have three Dutch interns, Bram (Snapte) in the Web department, Rudy in the Accounts/Admin department, and finally, the most recent addition Christel who will be filling some Social Media Marketing shoes. I really enjoy the interns as they give a very interesting perspective to the work place.

Our Social Media Marketing Wiki goes live….

Bram has helped us launch a pet project of mine… It’s a Wiki, which is a fast and easy tool for creating web based content. This Social Media Marketing (SMM) Wiki is going to house the information I am developing for public speaking topics, lectures and workshops on SMM. I am doing a guest 45 minute lecture at UCT for an Honours Course in Internet Marketing next week. All the content that I am compiling is going to be submitted to portals like IOL, Bizcommunity and a few others that I am still in the process of confirming.

LightSpeed Partners….

I have been networking with various professionals in and around Cape Town for a long time. My goal has always been to collaborate with other companies. I have approached a number of other small companies and setup an alliance with them. The next step for our site is going to happen next week with the addition of our Partner Page. We have decided to achieve our goal of becoming experts in our niche focus areas, namely Feedmymedia and WickedWiki. The partner page aims to shed some light on our strategic partners. We feel that these kinds of partnerships will strengthen our overall skill sets and, with no major overlaps in a vast array of services, we feel proud to be working alongside such a great span of small businesses. Each company was chosen because of their own unique charm and skill set.

Below is a list of the network partners. Please note that more detailed information can be found on the respective partner’s website if you click the partner logo:

Empire IT

Empire IT
Established in 2003, Empire IT penetrated the Western Cape IT support and services market. In 2006, Craig Cloete recognized the opportunity to diversify into related IT sectors, including: IT Management, Development and Recruitment. Hence the Empire Group was formed.

The team is adept in remaining on the forefront of technology. The Group boasts an increasingly high profile portfolio of clients, with reach into both the SMB and corporate markets, and continues to attract highly competent employees and affiliates.

Oneword Design

Oneword is a graphic and web design studio based in Fish Hoek. Established by Neil and Suzan McCreadie, the company has been operating since June 2000, with each of the partners bringing in their own unique strengths and a combined 16 years of experience in the industry.

They offer a vast range of services, which include: logo development, business cards, stationery, brochures, posters, packaging, web design, web hosting, domain registration, email signatures, electronic brochures, cd’s, vehicle & shop signage, menus, banner ads, advertisements, calendars, billboards, stamps, cards & invitations, t-shirts, caps, and corporate gifts.


MacWay has been supplying and supporting a wide range of computer hardware and software for the past twelve years. This includes the service of workstations right through to high-end creative pro’s with the most specific needs. Their teams can install or repair workstations and computer peripherals including networks, servers, routers, switches and backup equipment; including all your internet requirements. They are based in the City Bowl, Cape Town.

Traffic Brand

Traffic Brand’s collective expertise offer holistic Online Media Strategies that are tailor-made to the clients’ requirements and strategically aligned with your business goals. Traffic Brand’s Paid Search (Pay Per Click) department uses proprietary software to ensure the effectiveness of your online advertising campaigns and guarantee an excellent ROI. They use elements of PPC, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Online PR and Social Media to create Online Media Strategies that ensure your visibility on the Internet.

Refresh Creative Media

Specialising in all aspects of creative media, they work in online, print and video media. Their expertise includes interactive flash, content managed website development, web-design, brand development, graphic design and video work. We are based in Cape Town and our clients include a diverse range of local and international companies across all industries.


AlterSage, led by Christine da Silva, a well respected Search Engine Optimisation and Online Marketing Strategist, specialises in holistic online marketing solutions. Her enviable depth of experience and knowledge of the Online Marketing industry gained over six years, together with her reputation for proven results has secured the company clients from around the globe.

AlterSage focus on every element that will help your site perform better by making it visible in the big internet mass. By driving traffic to your website through various methods including SEO, PPC, eNewsletters, Online PR and Social Media they deliver it directly to your target market, and make it easier to find and stand out from the crowd.


The BUYX eCommerce solution enables businesses and individuals to market and sell their products on the Internet. BUYX is affordable and easy to use, with absolutely no restrictions on the number of products or manufacturers. BUYX is fresh! Offering you the very latest in Web 2.0 functionality. Search Engine Optimised product pages and URL re-writing comes standard with your BUYX store.

With BUYX you can advertise your products on Facebook and other Social Media websites by copying and pasting one line of generated code. Starting from as little as R1350-00 per month (hosting included) BUYX offers you an entry into the eCommerce arena at your own pace. With BUYX your monthly outlay is minimal and static which in turn allows you to project your eCommerce costs.

Come chat to us over at where you will be able to view a full demo of our solution.

Between the Lines Advertising

A good friend of mine Brendon Barnard and I have been working on developing the LightSpeed brand that we launched on 1st September 2007. He and I worked hard on this project together, which produced a Corporate ID that has had an overwhelmingly good response from the people who have come into contact with the new brand and message.

During our creative brainstorm sessions I relayed my message to Brendon to try to give him a better picture of what we are really about. What happened was completely unexpected! Brendon’s extensive Advertising experience spawned some interesting new ideas, one of them being the title of this blog post (which you are probably wondering about the meaning of).

Let me start by outlining where the concept’s roots lie. Above the line (ATL) is an advertising technique using mass media to promote brands. Major above-the-line techniques are pushed to the target audience through channels like TV and radio. The message is normally generic brand awareness.

You can compliment your ATL strategy with a Below the Line (BTL) strategy or rely solely on the latter. Generally ATL is cost inhibitive for the SME Market as an advertising technique. A BTL Strategy will be more focused and therefore effective for your average small business. This type of advertising can also include a web presence and emarketing. It uses less of the conventional methods of advertising to promote products, services, promotions, etc. than Above the Line (ATL) strategies.


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The new LightSpeed has sprung to life

We’ve spent the past year and a half redeveloping the company and the new LightSpeed Version 2.0 sprung to life on Saturday the 1st September 2007! We’re extremely excited to announce that we have relaunched as a Social Media Marketing Agency specialising in Bliki (Blog + Wiki) Web Development and social media tools like blogs and wikis, enabling clients to easily get their message across on the Internet in a simple, effective manner.

We kicked off an exciting competition on the same day as the relaunch. We’ll be giving away a prize of 1 year’s Hosting, 1 CO.ZA Domain Registration, 2 hours Web Consultancy and a Basic website package to the total value of R3500. Entries close on the 30th September 2007. Enter the competition here. The prize draw is on the 1st October and the winner will be announced shortly after.

In case you are wondering about what happened to LightSpeed IT Support Services, we have phased that side of the business out to focus 100% on our web services. This year I have been forging a strong relationship with Empire IT Holdings, who have completely overhauled their services this year. They now offer a formidable array of IT solutions. Empire IT brings you everything LightSpeed IT Support Services did and more!

It is a strange feeling to know that today is the first official day of business for the new LightSpeed! I can’t even begin to explain how positive and excited am about what lies ahead! I hope that everyone enjoys reading our blog and that you all keep coming back to see the evolution of the website over the next few weeks and months.

Beta late than never

This is the first real post that I am writing on the new LightSpeed 2.0 website! Exciting stuff. We have been busy for about a year and a half researching Web Development, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Optimization, New Media Marketing, Online Reputation Management, Viral Marketing, and usage of WordPress and MediaWiki as tools for building an effective and memorable web presence. I like to refer to this period as our “Alpha” Stage. We are very happy to announce that today we launched LightSpeed Version 2.0 BETA. We still have a lot of polishing to do before we can move out of BETA and we emerge with our ‘full version release’! We’re aiming to have the full version of our website ready for consumption by 1st November 2007.

In our world, the alpha version of a product describes the phase just before full testing starts of all its functionality. Even if it’s not feature complete, it should satisfy all the software requirements.The alpha build of LightSpeed 2.0 was made possible through the invaluable work carried out by our staff as well as a number of foreign Interns from countries such as Germany, Netherlands and Finland who have contracted to work with us over the past year. These interns brought a completely fresh and unique perspective to the research and work being carried out. In a rush to market, we also engaged with business contacts such as Charl Norman, Dave Duarte, Max Kaizen and Malan Joubert to assist us with developing our processes. So now we’re moving into Beta out of Alpha and we are officially open for business!

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The use of anchor text

Everyone has links on their sites on this day and age, but to really get the most out of a link you have to know how to format them. One of the most important uses is Anchor text. This is the text the you use to display your link

For example the text Rodger Hoffman is hiding the hyperlink

Rodger Hoffman

When you do this you are going to want to use a keyword in the anchor text, this will help you to increase keyword density on your site, plus it make your site look a lot neater and more professional.

The next thing is to add a title tag to the link, this is basically a description about about the site that you are linking to. If you use keywords for this this is another way of increasing keyword usage on your site. Move your mouse cursor over the link to see the title tag.

To StumbleUpon

I was alerted to this great tool by a friend of mine. It’s a tool bar that you use to bookmark a site that you like but with the added bonus of being able to randomly choose between the thousands of already bookmarked sites to view. This tool StumbleUpon is great fun to use when you are bored or just trying to kill some time. You can randomly view a site and who knows you might even find something you like.

On several occasions I have found many sites providing very useful SEO tools, utilities and other programs. There is also the fun aspect as you can find flash games, pictures and even 360 degree views from the top of Mount Everest.

All you have to do to get stumbling is install the tool bar and create an account, then when you see a site that you like just click on the “I Like It” button. You can also send the pages link to a friend and even view the pages that he has bookmarked. So my advice to you is to get stumbling.

Stumble Upon

Projects keeping me too busy to blog regularly

I have been way way to busy with LightSpeed Business to blog properly… Most of my blogging has been centered around my Cape Epic experiences. Currently I am busy with a massive project for Strika Entertainment, they are moving to awesome new premises.

I mentioned in a previous blog post that I would be working closely with Charl Norman and Dave Duarte on optimizing their sites. Things did not move as quickly as I would have liked, but now we are full force back onto the projects. Exciting stuff!

Rodger Hoffman continues with research amd work…

Title tags help you rank

A great way to get you a bit higher in the rankings is to add a title tag to all of your links. Title tags are just tags that you add to your links that give a very brief description of what you are linking to. If you add these tags to your links then when you hold your mouse cursor over the link for a second, the title information will pop up givnig the user just a bit more information about where they are going to go next. The added bonus of this is that search engines love information, the more you give them the higher you rank.

To use a title tag all you have to do is add the word title=”” to just after the href tag, in amongst the inverted commas is where you put the description. Move your mouse over the link to see an example

eg <a href=”; title=”Search Engine”>Google</a>


Ubuntu rocks my world

I have been into Linux since 2002. I started out with SME Server in 2002 because it was shown to me by a person who I met at some or other IT event. This guy told me that Linux is easy! I think he lied, but never-the-less… He came to my office at City Varsity (I was the junior sysadmin) and installed it onto a machine for me. I toyed around with the idea of using it as a mail server for the college. Then I simply decided to go ahead and install it as the mail server for the college after the windows mail server died a death. Thats where it all began…. Many hours of tinkering were to follow.

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