I started my day with a fast MTB ride…

I started my day with a fast 50min MTB ride! I rode up from lower Woodstock through the streets over the M3 and then over De Waal drive. For the first time in ages I saw the Deer Park boom closed (not sure why)… I dodged under and headed up to the block house! I really enjoy that rode up to the block house its quick tough to ride due to the loose stones, I can actually run up there faster than I can ride. When I got to the top some chop had writen on the memorial plaque below the block house (dunno what possess’ people)… Anyways, the next part if my favourite, I turn around and chase down the hill, sliding through corners pushing hard and faster than before!

I got home and felt ready to tackle another day….. But oh wait Telkom’s network is fuct! Grrrr….. Anyways, its been a good day!

The Argus MTB race is over – What a Race!

Greetings all. I rode a 55 km race today called the Cape Argus Mountain Bike Challenge 2007. This race is always help as a prelude to the Cape Argus Cycle tour.

My MTB race was quite tough as I have been sick with flu for 2 weeks. I just got rid of the last of the flu near the end of this week that passed. I have also not had too much time to train on my MTBike, but instead been trail running a few times a week. This most definately had an impact on me during the race.

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A great way to unleash frustrations

Sport is a great way to unleash tension built up when sitting behind a computer screen in cyberspace all day. I have a tendency to build up extreme amounts of nervous energy and I need an outlet! I was a hyper active child who probably drove my parents crazy.

I started Mountain Biking when I went into High School after I had just turned 14 in 1994, which is almost exactly 13 years ago. I raced the South Africa Provincial and National MTB Circuit from 1994 – 1999 and my best achievement was Winning Provincial Championships in my Matric (Final year of school) year. I left school and had one more year (1999) of serious Circuit racing, before I gave the heavy racing a break.

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