Day 8 – Ban Krut to Prachuap Khiri Khan – 70km

Today was set to be a recovery day for me, I only had to ride 70km. Seeing it was such a short distance I didn’t have to check out of my room until 12pm. I made full use of my lovely room and air on

I arrived in Prachuap Khiri Khan around 2:30pm and found the Yuttichai hotel. The reviews put the hotel as affordable, when I checked in I had the option of 2 types of rooms, a shared bathroom for 160baht or a room with its own bathroom for 250baht. I opted for my own bathroom. The room was clean, but the bed was not comfortable.

After a shower I decided to head out and explore what Prachuap Khiri Khan has to offer.

On the way down I stopped for a drink at a restaurant along the beach front, I popped in there again to say hello.

Went to temple with naughty monkeys, great views

Next I headed off to the beach via the Navy Base

On the way back from the beach I met a Spanish / American married couple cycling back from the beach.

They joined me for a fruit shake at the night market (it was still daytime), we chatted about each other’s travels and swopped tips.

I went back to my hotel to drop off my bike

Then I decided to grab full dinner and another fruit shake at the night market

I headed off to bed

Day 4 – Khura Buri to Laem Son National Park – 100km

There was a buffet breakfast waiting for me that morning, so I took full advantage of this and pigged out big time. With a full belly, I set out to my next destination Laen Son National Park, this was another Lonely Planet recommendation and the book specifically suggested the Wasana Resort.

As I drew closer to Laem Son National Park I realized that my solid night of rest had made the world of difference. Despite having stopped a few times for water and energy drinks, I was maintaining a solid 22,5km / hr average speed (this included times for stops) with ease. The turn of for the national park had a small sign for Wasana Resort, indicating that the resort catered for touring cyclists.

I eventually arrived at Wasana Resort about 10km off Highway 4. The resort was owned and run by a Dutch guy and his Thai wife, the rooms were fairly basic, but clean and comfortable. As mentioned the resort was frequently visited by people doing cycle tours. The Dutch owner helped me with information that I could use to decide my next destinations, he was very helpful indeed.

I went down to Hat Bang Ben beach one which was near by to the national park. As I arrived at the entry point for the beach I noticed almost no other people around, not even locals. Once I walked down to the beach I was saw hope beautiful and deserted the beach was. I didn’t see anyone else except for the Czech couple that were staying at the resort.

I continued walking down the beach until I couldnt see them anymore. I found a spot amongst the pine trees lining the desserted beach to put my hammock up, I hung around doing some blogging for about an hour. It was extremely relaxing being on my own, in a forest, with the sound of waves breaking not to far from me.

After a relaxing hammock session I decided to strip down and go for a swim. Nobody else on the beach, so I figured it was appropriate. I floated in the water for longer than I would usually, it was blissful being the only person around and not having to concern my spell about masses of other tourists.

After the beach I returned to my bungalow and spoke to the owner about staying an extra night, he suggested that my self and the Czech couple go on a boat trip to local desserted islands. It was a no brainer, I had not encountered such a beautiful place all holiday, so I decided to stay another night,

That evening I ordered a yellow curry, some Chang beers and sat chatting to the Dutch owner at Wasana Resort, interesting to hear his point of view on what he thought of Thailand having lived there for over 20 years. What an incredible day, early to bed.

Day 3 – Khao Sok to Khura Buri – 80km in 4,5hrs

I woke up at a reasonable time, approximately 7am, considering I went to bed at 12am. I grabbed some Khao Phad (fried rice) and fruits platter at the Misty Mountains resort near to whe I was staying, they had shit rooms, but a great restaurant.

I was dreading the start of the ride as I knew what I was up against, I had a 5-6km very steep uphill to conquer. The mountain ended up being much easier than anticipated, i think it was because I was still fresh and the temperature was at around 30 degrees Celcius.

After beating down the climb down, I continued down the road, where was faced with numerous hills and serious heat that was climbing by the minute. IMO body was tired and sore from the day before, I didn’t seem to be performing at my best, the day was dragging.

I was heading towards Khura Buri town and had been recommeded a resort called Khura Buri Green View Resort, which was approximately 12km before town. When I arrived at the resort I realized that the rooms and bungalows were all way above my normal price range, but I decided it was best to stop and get some good rest so that I would be fresh for the next day.

I paid for the cheapest accommodation available at 1500baht for the bungalow. The bed was comfortable, there was a deck where I could hang my hammock and I took fopull advantage of all facilities. That evening I had a quiet dinner on my own and hit the hay as early as possible.

Day 2 – loop ride from Khao Sok to Chew Liam Lake then to Phanom and back to Khao Sok – 150km in 8,5hrs

I woke up fairly early, packed my trailer, grabbed some breakfast and got on the road. My initial plan was to ride to Chew Liam Lake and stay at the floating house boats. Nothing worked out as planned though. This was a fairly uneventful day, I rode to the dam, but when I got to the dam it was nothing like I expected. I had to catch a boat to where the floating house boats were, the boat would have cost me a fair bit on my own, if I was sharing it would have been fine.

I headed back to Khao Sok National Park, when I arrived I tried to book into Jungke Huts, but alas they were completely full, my new friend Paris was however still staying there, so we made plans to meet for dinner later.

I found a room near to where I had stayed the night before, place was called Baan Rimnam Resort. The guy who signed me in was super chilled, spoke awesome English and we had a phat chat. I love it when Thai people are friendly and don’t just treat you like the Farang we are.

I took a shower, setup my hammock, drank a large Leo and hung around catching up on some email / facebook. After chilling for a while recovering from my 150km loop ride, I headed off to hook up with Paris the Spaniard. We sat chatting for approximately 1,5hrs about life, love, friends, parties, pets and good times. This to me is bliss, being able to share stories of all sors with like indeed people.

After seeing Paris I went for a massage to ease my aching muscles, 8hrs on a bike will do that to you, but luckily afterwards I felt much less tender and my neck wasn’t stiff anymore. Next to where the massage place was, I found a bar called Chill Out bar. They were playing Bob Marley for the first 1 hour that I was there.

I decided to be social and introduce myself to the group of random foreigners next to me. I ended chatting to a Canadian / Aussie couple. The Candian was really funny, she had Dutch roots and we chatted about her Dutch influence in diet / family / culture and more. We ended up chatting about the Dutch people for a while. Eventually I went to sleep around 12am, I knew that it would be difficult to wake up early as a result, but who cares, live in the now until tomorrow!