How not to sent mass mailers

As I opened my email this morning I saw there was an from one of my sale people at a supplier… I noticed that she had entered a number of email addresses in the “To” field and thought I would check who she entered into the “To” field, well… I found well over 100 email addresses. I promptly sent her an email educating her not to do this EVER again. You never actually know if somebody is watching and harvesting?! There are a lot of people out there who who not think twice about using those email addresses for evil email marketing purposes!

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What is XFN?

XFN puts a human face on linking. As more people have come online and begun to form social networks, services such as Technorati and Feedster have arisen in an attempt to show how the various nodes are connected. Such services are useful for discovering the mechanical connections between nodes, but they do not uncover the human relationships between the people responsible for the nodes.

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Illegal dumping in Lower Woodstock

I am extremely angry today! Grrrrr!!!! I up just before 6am and walked into my kitchen to make some essential caffeine mixture (a.k.a coffee)…. I heard a noise outside and I saw some peasant dragging what I initially thought was another stolen refuse bin, but actually this peasant-like tik addict was emptying his entire bin full of loose refuse all over the pavement! Bastard! I really don’t understand the mentality of people. Who is going to clean that mess up? Why did he just dump that there? Why do other people in Lower Woodstock feel that it is acceptable to simply dump their garbage on the pavement?

Should you be interested in where Woodstock is in the world, then go take a look at the Woodstock Community Website. Have a look at this insert from the Woodstock Municipal Services page:

ILLEGAL DUMPING – The City of Cape Town Civic Patrol Protection Services:
There are officers who can investigate illegal dumping and prosecute if necessary. Their phone number is – 4247715 – If you find some bags and can dig through to find any clues as to where it might come from, you can call Mr Oswald on 9187139.Woodstock Cleansing Dept are overworked but try to be obliging in cleaning things up. Contact number is 4475101.

I needed to vent a little and I feel better…. Yay for blogging!

First official day back at work for the staff

Yesterday was the first day that I had staff back at the office… The peace and quiet that once was is gone… Oh well, I guess it is back to work for all of us at LightSpeed! 2007 has officially kicked off!

I started everybody using their new Google hosting on, we now have a Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Talk, Google Start Page and Google Page Creator on our domain. Take a look at how you can register for this Google Hosting free service.

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Getting Married

Barbara Kerr and Ashley Shaw TIED THE KNOT! The day turned out to be absolutely perfect and all events went down withouth any problems.

Have a look at the finer details below:

Details: Kerr-Shaw wedding

Date: Saturday, November 25th, 2006

Venue: 46 Dalmore Road, Tokai, Cape Town

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Rodgered Bachelor Hoffman

Venue: Brinnie Farm, Grabouw (approx. 1hr out of Cape Town)
Date: Saturday, 18th November 2006

Time:12pm (Please inform if you can make it by this time)

Directions to Brinnie Farm in Grabouw: From Cape Town – Head along the N2 out of Cape Town, past the Airport, past Somersetwest, up Sir Lowry’s Pass and down towards Grabouw, continue just past Peregrine Farmstall, turn right immediately after Peregrine into Viljoenshoop Rd, then travel 6km down the Viljoenshoop rd, then you will see a turn to the left for the Highlands rd (The sign should say “R44 via the Highlands Rd.”), drive 0,5 on and you will see Brinnie farm on the right.

Lifting:Anyone keen 0n catching lifts or having transport, please comment on this page listing lift options/requirements

Gear Needed: Tent, Ground sheet, torch, scout badge, fire stones

Instruction: Rodger Hoffman’s final weekend of freedom

Plan of action: Early afternoon braai

Protocol: No dodgy behaviour

  • respect the property
  • respect the animals