Getting a tattoo

My goal for the day was to meet my mom’s friend Patricia, get my tattoo and have another suit fitting, then after that in the evening I wanted to try find the psytrance bar again.

I awoke at 8am despite the fact I went to bed at 4:30am after a crazy Khaosan night. I knew I had to meet an old friend of my mom’s Pat for coffee, so my brain told my body when to wake up. I shower, took a shit and shaved in an attempt to look semi-presentable, it didn’t help the suitcases under my eyes from lack of sleep for days on end 😉

I met up with Pat, we took a walk around Khaosan, went to sit down for a coffee and chatted non-stop for 2 hours. She told me that she was excited about the chinese new year because it was year of the dragon and thats the same as the year she was born. I told her that I had bought a little ceramic dragon in the north of thailand that I wanted her to have. Went went back to my hotel for the gift, she was delighted! I love making people smile, we walked around a bit more and then I said good bye.

I took a nap, because I knew I had to be ready for my tattoo by 3pm. I made sure my leg was cleanly shaven and not sweaty before leaving the hotel. Grabbed some Subway “healthfood” and headed over to the Himmapan Tattoo shop. I was a bit early, so I while I waited for the tattoo artist to prepare I caught up on emails.

First the tattoo artist finished the detailed thai letters, that wasn’t too painful, but once he got started with the solid black border the pain seriously started! It took about 2 hours to finish the tattoo, during this time I tried to some pictures of the progress! It was looking great all the way through, at the end I was delighted with my new tattoo! I posted a picture to facebook back home for friends and family, everyone loved the design!

After getting the tattoo I decided to go chill a bit before heading out for the night. I slept some more and kept cleaning the tattoo every couple of hours. I went out to Khaosan road at about 10pm and while wandering around I randomly bumped into a friend from back home called Sac. He was touring the South of Thailand and said I actually forgot he was in Thailand, so it was a nice surprise. We grabbed a beer and then bumped into a dutch guy I had met the night before called Elmer.

The three of us walked around drinking beer after beer until I suggested that we try the trance bar called Ooze Bar. I finally found it earlier that evening, but it was fairly quiet. When we arrived it was also quiet, but we decided to hang around seeing it was midnight. Sac had an early start and still had to catch a taxi back to Sukhumvit, so he left. Elmer and I continued dancing until the place started closing down. We drank my first bucket of the Thailand trip! Great music and more people with serious vibe started arriving! I was in my element with psytrance playing, yippeee!

I headed back to my hotel pretty late, maybe 3am and hit the hay.

Moving on to Khaosan road from Sukhumvit

Now that the cycle trip has finished I am set to start the final leg of my trip in Khaosan road in the Bangkok district called Banglamphu. I have specific check boxes to check, like getting a tattoo and a suit made by a tailor with some new shirts. I also want get to Chatuchak weekend market before flying out on the Saturday 21st to Malaysia.

I woke up feeling tender again after drinking a number of overpriced beers at the ping pong show, I was barely recovered from the Autthaya evening out and felt somewhat sleep deprived. I didn’t have a clue what there was to do in the Sukhumvit area, but what I did know is that things only started around 11am and much later, so not much to do.

I started off the day chilling in my luxury room blogging, facebooking and catching up on some emails. Then headed down for some breakfast, which was a delicious omelet made Thai style! I am definitely going to make Thai style omelets at home going forward, so easy and tasty. They had instant coffee so I avoided the coffee. I have not had a coffee since the Cappuccino baker on Koh Tao on the 4th January.

I packed up and decided to head out at 11am after doing a quick walk around the neighborhood and found nothing was open. I arranged a metered taxi with the help of the bell boy, I only use metered taxis because the non-metered guys screw you every time.

The taxi dropped me at Khaosan road and that signified the start of my next holiday journey! Very exciting even though I knew I would be heading home soon, which is not a bad thing after 5 weeks of seriously great holiday. I walked around Khaosan and saw the business of the area. After checking a few different places for single bed rooms I decided to try find spot a little way away from the madness.

I eventually found a place called Rambuttri Village Inn that had a single room with toilet, warm shower and air on for 630 baht per night, SOLD! I was relieved because some of the places were pretty shit and I didn’t want to downgrade from serious luxury to slums.

After dumping my bags, I set off to look for the tattoo place and a tailor. I was trying to find Mr Yui, a guy referred to me by a guy I met on Koh Tao who was tattoo’ed to hell and back. I couldn’t find the place I was looking for, but did find Himmapan Tattoo. I got a really good feeling from them and decided this was the place. I chatted to a guy called Ahn about the design I wanted, he helped me by designing the tattoo in photoshop first, then printing it and sticking it to my leg to get an idea of what it would look like. I was pleased and booked the tattoo session for 3pm Thursday.

Next up I had to find a tailor to make my pinstripe suit. I spoke to the tailor next to the lobby for my hotel and the tailor said 9500 baht, seemed ok. I thought I would get a comparative price, I found another place and spoke to the guy about what I wanted, he quoted 5750 baht. The workmanship looked same as other tailor so I went with Mr Lucky Tailor. I already had my first fitting that same day, which I thought was kind of impressive.

I hung around the tattoo place because I was alone and somewhat bored. I like to meet people, chat and engage otherwise I feel lost. The people at the tattoo place were really friendly, they allowed me to use the Internet, which was great because everywhere else was going to charge me or I had to eat there to use the Internet. I spoke to Ahn about the Ooze bar, he had never heard of the place and didn’t seem to know what psytrance was either. He did take a walk with me to try and find the place, we had no luck.

As night came on the area became more and more busy, I figured I was bound to meet some random peeps at some stage. As I walked around Thai guys constantly offered me ping pong, it became very old very quickly. I saw 3 chicks being offered a good price as the guy said but it was same price I paid, I laughed and told them that. They were friendly, so we started chatting. Two of them came from New Zealand and one from Australia, which was great cause I generally get along well with people from there.

We missioned around for a while until we found some break dancers, these guys were amazing. The 4 of us watched for a while until they decided to head off to bed. I wasn’t keen to go to bed again so I hung around absorbing the madness. I bumped into 3 funny guys from Australia, England and Holland.

The Dutch guy had a skateboard which seemed to attract attention. There was a young Thai girl and a midget Thai woman selling roses, they took a liking to the skateboard and gave us the roses to sell. So there we were selling roses to westerners, what a laugh. I hung around with these guys for a while getting progressively more drunk until 4:30am when most things had stopped selling alcohol and I headed off to bed.