Saving time on a daily basis has become …

Saving time on a daily basis has become a necessity…. I mentioned yesterday that I loaded a new theme on my blog called P2. P2 is a theme for WordPress that fits my fast paced lifestyle. P2 is revolutionary, it helps me reduce time spent blogging through frontend blogging. Posting your blog posts twitter style right from the homepage has helped me to blog at the speed of thought.

When I started with blogging in 2006 things were different, I had more time (less social networking) on my hands. Micro-blogging was not even a thought that had crossed my mind. Now-a-days I don’t have the time to write lengthy personal blog posts. I seem to use facebook the most, more than twitter at least…. I have integrated facebook and twitter into my blog now so that the systems cross post whenever I add new content. This helps save time.

Here’s a quick video tour of the best P2 Theme features:

Let me know what you think and if you have questions, then post a comment.