Momento Demento July 2014

After our incident with the local dick Croatian police we went to get our wrist bands for Modem Festival. Our friends had saved a camping spot for us in the camper van area, so that was our end goal!

We drove into the campsite with GPS coodinates and found Eric & Miri immediately. I cannot begin to describe the relief and excitement I felt when we found them. At a large festival it can be practically impossible to locate people! Woooohoooo…. Let the party begin!

We quickly setup our campsite and began excessive drinking! I couldn’t believe that I had arrived at this festival with my friends, it was too good to be true. It was lovely to be around long time friends, chatting, talking about old times and catching up on all sorts.

I kept introducing myself to random foreigners with the phrase “Hello, my name is Ash and I am from Cape Town, South Africa”, people were quite surprised that I had travelled so far for a festival. Then I introduced myself and the people responded that they were from Denmark. I thought to myself, I know these people and asked the woman if her name was “Michelle Miller”. Turns out I knew our neighbours from a Thailand new year festival. Epic!

After setting up our campsite, we started a braai (BBQ) and started getting well greased we decided to to head up to the main dance floor to see what the festival looked like while there was still some sun light. I headed up with Stephan, Eric, Miriam and my Danish friends.

The walk to the main dance floor was a long and steep journey. The campsite was strung out over a long thin route next to a river.The chill / alternative stage was next to water falls with crystal clear water. I was blown away by the beauty of the campsite!


The stairs were killer, they went straight up, in the beginning this was a novel and pretty experience, later I would learn it was much better catching a lift with the shuttle bus.


The main dance floor was totally covered with trees, the decor looked great and the DJ booth was incredible! Our Danish friends had a small second campsite at the main dance floor, so we setup there and started a groove session on the dance floor.




I have gotto say that I can’t remember being as excited as I was the first night at Modem fest. I was chatting to all sorts of new people using my “catch phrase”, it worked a charm for getting random conversations going!

The night time started to set in, but we realised that Stephan and I were poorly prepared for the evening that was ahead of us. The night was cold, we didnt have warm clothes, we didnt have a torch, we didnt really plan at all…

I suggested to Stephan we make the long journey back to the campsite, he reluctantly agreed (I don’t blame him as it was a 30min walk both ways) and we started our walk down. Things looked quite different at night without a torch to how they looked in daylight. We kept thinking we were almost there because we found multiple camper van campsites, but these campsites our campsite.

Eventually we made it back to our tents and car, grabbed our supplies, a torch and some warm clothes. Then we started our half hour journey back up the to the main dance floor, but luckily as we walked out of the camper van area I asked somebody for a lift. We got a lift up to the top in a brand new top of the range Porsche Cayenne! Oh my hair fuck! That was the most epic car ride I have ever had, so epic I left my torch in the guy’s car! Shit!

We arrived at our second campsite to join the rest of the peeps and the lighting was full power on the dance floor, quite a psychedelic experience!


The night was a blur and I lost Stephan, somehow he found his way back to the tent barefoot due to loosing his shoes. No clue how he walked home without shoes or a torch, the road back was lethal.

The Sunday morning we started with a braai first thing, got ourselves well fed and prepared for another trek up to the main dance floor. This time we were a lot better prepared! We even packed swimming pants along with whatever else we thought we needed, there was no chance I was going to trek back and forth to the campsite.

The day party at the main dance floor was quieter than expected, seeing we had arrived towards the end of the festival a lot of the people had started leaving already, but was still a fun day.

Before it got dark we decided to go back and cook some dinner before the night session. It was pretty awesome cooking 2-3 meals a day at a trance festival, back at home I would just buy food, but we were fully kitted and prepared for this!

I was pretty tired by the evening, so didn’t last long and crashed hard in slumberland. Monday the festival went on, but Stephan and I decided to head over to the next festival Lost Theory.

Despite missing most of the Modem festival we had an absolute blast and were super happy we fitted in a quick stomp before the next party!