Trail running above Woodstock and below Devil's Peak

I decided I was going to running this afternoon on my usual route. I run from Lower Woodstock up through the residential house into Upper Woodstock, then I cross De Waal drive into the mountains through the Devil’s Peak entrance. I then run along the a jeep track that winds its way up to the block house. The blog house is situated directly below Devil’s Peak and is one of my favourite runs.

Beware of muggings on Table Mountain paths

In the past few years there have been more and more muggings up in the mountains, which is most unfortunate. Runners should always be vigilant and keep their eyes open for potential muggers. I don’t often see suspicious looking guys up in the mountain, but today I did. My reaction is to immediately turn around and change direction before I find out whether or not the person is actually a mugger. Its a pity that we have to deal with this, but I guess thats life. I changed direction and choose a different route that took me past Tampon Towers in Vredehoek.

All in all a lovely run with some spectacular views of Table Mountain! We are truely blessed in Cape Town.