Getting over jet lag

Since my last blog post the morning after we arrived at Warapura Resort on Koh Chang, we have been taking things easy recovering from jet lag. Our body clocks are not yet in sync with Thailand time zone.

The hut we moved into on the first night had a bad smell outside, so we pretty much could not sit on the Balcony as it stank of dead something. So we checked if they had another room in a different location. We struck it lucky and got an upgraded room with a sea view!

We had to wait around for the room to be cleaned, so we decided to take full advantage of the pool and resort facilities like the free wifi. I got a message from a friend saying Braam saying that he and his girlfriend were staying in the same area called Lonely Beach. I decided to leave Barbara lounging at the pool and go find them.

It turned out they were staying just up the road from us and I found them immediately. They were heading down to a stretch of beach with white sand and gorgeous water. We joined the two of them after we checked into our new room.

I decided to do my first open water swim, goal was to swim to a nearby island. I manage to get most of the way to the island, but the waves and current were against me so I decided to turn back. The water was warm and clear. I still have some fears when swimming in deep water, but I managed to keep going despite fears.

I decided to go for a herbal sauna and massage at a spot in Bailan. Wow! Really enjoyable. It’s about 3 km away from where we stay, so I jogged there and back, my first run in months. It felt good to be running again.

When I finally got back to barbs I took her out for dinner. Our friends joined us at the noodle soup place. The drinking started and didn’t stop. We ended up at Braam’s bungalow drinking whiskey before going out to the Ohm bar. We danced for a few hours and then decided to hit the hay.

The morning was not pretty, both barbs and I felt like arse coughed up. hangovers and jet lag don’t mix well. We ended up spending the day hanging out in our lovely room watching DVDs. Not the best use of a beautiful Thailand day, but much needed.

We had dinner at the Noodle Soup place again, wow, what awesome food! Then we headed off to bed and chilled hard. Our plan was to go for a scooter adventure around the island on the Monday with our friends.

My next blog post won’t hopefully involve hangovers or jet lag!