Fetched my car from Paarl

I kinda forgot that I had left my car at my parents house in Paarl. My mom reminded me that I needed to fetch my car after I told her I was riding my bike through to drop off presents. Its been 6 weeks since I used my car.

The ride to Paarl was approximately 75 km, there was a strong wind blowing in what felt like all directions. I completed the ride in 2,5 hrs which is approximately 30km per hour average.

Gearing up for new years on Koh Tao

We left Koh Phangan on an early Lomprayah ferry and headed over to Koh Tao for our long awaited new years festival. The last boat trip to Koh Tao in 2010 was rough as hell and I wanted to hurl most of the way. This time was much better, the boat trip was still a little bumpy, but we focused on a BBC documentary by Russel Brand called “On the Road” – brilliant docci, but we watched it without sound!

The boat trip passed in no time and before I knew it we were walking up the pier. We were staying at a place called Save Bungalows. We knew it was not far from the pier and it was great because all we had to do is walk 5 min to check in at reception. Our plans were working out perfectly so far as the room we book was not fancy, but just what we needed for the next few days during the trance festival.

Our friends Elzette, Lea and Ilandi had already arrived on the island a few days before. Our friends Braam and Zuzka who had been on Koh Chang arrived a few hours before us. Our other friend Jason was arriving on another ferry in the afternoon. While waiting for Jason to arrive we hired a scooter and went off to the very commercial beach called Sairee beach to kill some time.

While we were waiting for Jason to arrive I bumped into Christian who is an Austrian friend we met last time we visited Koh Tao for The Experience festival. Christian was waiting for a friend who was arriving on the same ferry, so we all waited at the ferry together.

Jason was the first person off the ferry and he was staying at Save Bungalows so we went to get him booked in. While Jason was settling in I took Barbara to buy some new clothes and grab a bite to eat.

Jason had a friend staying in Chalok Baan where we stayed the year before, so we took the scooter for a ride and had a beer with his mate Mark. We wanted to all hook up for dinner as one big SAFA group, so we picked a place to eat and made plans to meet that evening.

Facebook became our main communication tool to get hold of the girls (Elzette, Lea, Ilandi). We arranged a meeting spot. I had not met Ilandi and Lea yet, but Elzette was an old friend of mine from Paarl. It was super once we all hooked up, I could tell we would make a great party unit for the next week!

Dinner was fantastic, but most of us were tired from traveling so after a few more drinks we headed home for some much needed sleep. The next day would be the start of a 4 day trance festival and our New Years celebrations.