Mountain Bike Training | Friday 27 March 2009

1 hr 30 min riding where I followed much the same route as previous two rides in the week, but this time met up with a fellow trail runner who was also mountain biking. We took a very different route to normal and walked up the stairs above Rhodes Momerial. After the walk we flew down a very steep hill the other guy called suicide climb, which is situated just under the block. After that we rode towards tampon towers afterwhich I rode back home along the same jeep track traveled.


Mountain Bike Ride | Tuesday 24 March

Rode up to devils peak entrance, along the front road to Rhodes Memorial through the burnt hills, past Rhodes mem, past UCT tennis club, past nature conservation offices, up the hill to beakon below block house, run up to blockhouse with bike on back, then down the dirt road and back home.