I started my day with a fast MTB ride…

I started my day with a fast 50min MTB ride! I rode up from lower Woodstock through the streets over the M3 and then over De Waal drive. For the first time in ages I saw the Deer Park boom closed (not sure why)… I dodged under and headed up to the block house! I really enjoy that rode up to the block house its quick tough to ride due to the loose stones, I can actually run up there faster than I can ride. When I got to the top some chop had writen on the memorial plaque below the block house (dunno what possess’ people)… Anyways, the next part if my favourite, I turn around and chase down the hill, sliding through corners pushing hard and faster than before!

I got home and felt ready to tackle another day….. But oh wait Telkom’s network is fuct! Grrrr….. Anyways, its been a good day!

Thursday run up to the block house

I have been extremely deciplined lately and managed to get at least 3 solid runs in per week. I choose to run for 1 hour today as I have a 19km race on Saturday. I worked up until about 2:20pm, threw some running gear on and went only my normal Block House route. I got back at approximately 3:30pm and started work immediately. I am really enjoying the flexibilty in my schedule. I never used to be able to do things like this during the middle of a work day! Now I can and I do on a regular basis.