Koh Chang Scooter Adventure

This morning Barbara and I woke up feeling groggy because we woke up some obscure hour, our body clockspare still on SA time not Thai time. Anyways, we went for a lovely buffet breakfast and stocked up on food for the day ahead.

The plan for the day was to ride a scooter all the way around the island. We headed up to the Stone Free restaurant in the same road as our resort to rent a Honda Scoopy automatic scooter. The scooter looks a bit like Vespa and I saw them advertised last year. Sounds funny to say, but it was a dream come true to rent this little bike.

Our friends Braam and Zuzka were ready for us when we arrived at their bungalow, so off we headed on our little adventure. First stop was not far from where we were staying at a beautiful view point. Snapped some pics and got back on the road.

We drove around the coast road past Klong Prao, White Sands Beaches, the ferry port and along to the other side of Koh Chang. We stopped near a fishing village at a Buddist temple. inside the temple was a massive good plated Buddha with innate paintings all around on the walls. The window shutters had intricate mother of pearl designs. We snapped a bunch of pics and headed on our way.

We noticed a sign saying that there was a mangrove restoration plantation, nobody could figure out where it was and we even saw other foreigners scooting around lost with not a clue where it was.

Onward ho… We arrived in a quaint little fishing village. I love the less touristy places as they give a sense of the real Thailand. We found a basic little restaurant in the fishing village right on the water. We ordered some food for next nothing and it tasted amazing. I can’t believe how good the food is everywhere we go.

After finishing up at the fishing village we headed off to a place we spotted along the way callEd the Tree House on a beach called Long Beach. One seriously rough road to the beach, but it was an enjoyable ride on the scooter. We arrived at Long Beach and found ourselves in true paradise.

We all decided to go for a swim. I left the others and went for an open water swim, the sea was choppy and the wind wasblowing so it made things challenging. Again I am still trying to overcome my fears of open water swimming, but each swim I feel stronger and more confident,

Eventually I got back to the others and we all got out of the sea to dry up. We decided to head off back home as it was about 4 pm and we still had about 50 km to ride home. back along the rough road we headed.

Hunger struck again and we decided to stop for a quick snacat attack. The street stall we stopped at only server pork noodle soup, it was devine. Back on the scooter for the last stretch of about 35 km.

We stopped off one last time near where we stayed to watch the sunset at the view point we first stopped at. Both barbs and I were ready for a shower. Clean up time, then we went to drop off the scooter and have some Pad Thai at Stone Free. They had a lovely live band for us to appreciate. Good times.

Been writing this blog post in the comfort of our luxury room watching some DVDs on a big screen with aircon to keep us cool. Tomorrow we are doing a cooking course all day, can’t wait!

Peace out!