Tiger Hut and onward to Koh Maak

When I returned from my failed visa run, I arrived at Tiger Hut to find Barbs chilling hard in our hut. She moved all our bags from Baan Rim Nam with Ian’s help to our hut for one night. The hut was pretty basic and budget, but it was 20m from the beach and had a spot to hang our hammock.

First order of the day was to get in the sea, was not feeling super energetic, so I just managed 1 km swim. The sun was setting as I swam out, so by the time I got back to the beach The was a gorgeous sunset happening right in front of our hut.

Barbs and I poured ourselves some stiff G&Ts, she decided to do a mini sunset photo shoot. Amazing, beautiful, speechless! We continued to chill in front of the hut watch the color disappear. When it was dark we missioned into town for some dinner.

I tried to get Lief the Danish guy from the Visa run to join us but he was not feeling so great, so we were having dinner just the two of us. We walked along Khlong Prao and saw Kati’s where we did our cooking course. We knew the food would be awesome so we stopped in there.

Such a lovely restaurant, friendly staff, decor was pretty, very inviting. We order starters, spring rolls and prawn tempura with a Chang beer to wash it down. It was funny, a cockroach was crawling around and the Europeans are so squeamish they were freaking, then one of the staff accidentally squashed the cockroach, kak funny!

Our mains were Garlic and Pepper prawns with rice & Sweet and sour prawns with rice. We ordered another Chang to wash it down. The good life! We paid for the food and rolled out of the restaurant back home.

We decided to get to bed when we got home because we had an early start in the morning. The bed however sucked balls, springs stuck into our backs and it was generally pretty uncomfortable. Thats budget accommodation for you. We feel asleep pretty quickly, but woke up at some ungodly hour feel the death bed’s wrath. Barbs made a plan to soften her side and I went to sleep in the hammock, which was pretty comfortable.

We got up at about 7:30am and packed our bags for the taxi down to the Bang Bao ferry pier. The taxi driver fetched us around 8:30am and we headed off. We eventually got down to the pier at around 9:30 and the boat headed off just before 10am.

The boat made 1 stop before we arrived at our final destination, we stopped at Koh Wai a teensy little island. We dropped some people off and picked up Helena the French woman from our cooking class. It was cool reconnecting, catching up with what she did and what we did since our last meeting. Gotto love being on holiday in a tropical foreign destination.

We arrived at our final destination Koh Maak and thought we knew where we were, but we didn’t. We headed off to what we thought was the right place, but we were on the wrong side of the island. Luckily we met a friendly local Thai guy who called the owner of Holiday Koh Mak Resort. We got fetch and taken to our new home, which looked like paradise!

Helena could not stay where we were as there was no space, but the owner of the resort made a plan to sort her out with a place to stay. She headed off to check out her prospective room while we sat down to lunch. Good times.

Visa run to Cambodia

An early rise for me, my first the entire holiday. Amazing how my internal clock knows when I need to get up early. I was awake 5 min before the alarm went off. I had packed my bag the night before so it was easy, get up, grab bag, head to pick up point.

The mini-bus that I was on was packed with tourists all doing a visa run to some place called Phoem Phem or something. Kak mission, I knew I had to sit in this bus all freaking day. Sigh!

When we got to the ferry I decided I needed to make a friend. I started chatting to a Danish guy called Lief, really interesting guy. He loves his diving and chasing the sun around the world. he told me all about Indonesia, I think this needs to be my next destination. Sound fantastic. Before I go to Indo I am gonna have to learn how to surf.

After the ferry crossing to mainland from Koh Chang, we were herded back into the bus for the long journey to the border. As I said, what a kak mission. Sigh!

We arrived at the border post and stamped through. What I realized after stamping through is that They cancel my 30 day visa and reissue a 14 day visa. The result is that I now only have a visa until the 6th January 2012, which worked out to be 7 days less than I had before. This wasted a whole day for me, cost me 3000 baht and basically fucked me for my holiday.

Not my finest hour, but there has to be a silver lining and I consider meeting Lief the Danish 55 year old guy that silver lining. What an interesting man, a diver and traveller with some fascinating life experiences to share with me.

Now I need to figure out what to do next, should I just pay the fine on exit for over staying my welcome and risk serious crap. Should I fly out to another country and stamp out again? What to do? A serious cock up on my part, but I consider it a life experience and will never make this mistake again.

I have chatted to various people about my options and it would seem that paying 500 Baht per day for each day past my visa might be the easiest thing for me to do. I have not got time at any stage to do another border run and buying a ticket might cost the same as buying a ticket. Decisions decisions…. Going to mull this over for the next week or so and chat to various people about my options before I make up my mind.